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The 18-year-old made $ 700,000 selling Bored Ape toys and NFT owners believe physical copies make their digital identities stronger.

Even in the crypto bear market, when sales of unchangeable tokens fall, the price of one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT remains above six digits. This is true even though the owners of Bored Ape are partying this week at Ape Fest and NFT.NYC.

Even though digital assets are exciting, Ricky da Luz, 18, found a way to enter the field using real objects. He started sending emails to people who owned Bored Ape NFT on Twitter and told them he would make them free toys that look like their monkeys.

Da Luz told Insider at the NFT.NYC conference on Thursday that before starting IsmToys, he had saved about $ 10,000 by mowing lawns and using that money to create the first free toys for members of the Bored Ape group.

In January, he received $ 400 for the first Bored Ape toy he made. He founded IsmToys, which he runs with his father, Tony da Luz, and a six-man team, today.

Younger da Luz added: “We are tripling to help Web2 companies enter the Web3 space, at the same time as we turn their audience into Web3 people, we connect the toys to real NFTs and the digital assets act as identification tools for the toys. “We connect the toys to real NFT devices and the digital materials serve as proof that the toys are real.

To date, he says his company has made over $ 700,000 in toys. He says this is due to a mix of ordered, unique masterpieces that sell for an average of $ 700 (though some can go for up to $ 2,400) and other toys that sell for between $ 50 and $ 200.

Da Luz says that 99% of IsmToys’ transactions are made with ethereum. At Etherscan, an insider inspected trade receipts.

Since January, IsmToys has been asked to make nearly 300 unique toys, but the NFT.NYC conference has made that more likely. Just for next month, they have almost 200 orders.

IsmToys also sells NFT devices, which serve as proof of purchase for customers who want to buy the real toy that comes with it. IsmToys made 888 “Golemz,” according to da Luz, and earned $ 300,000 in 96 seconds.

Last month, the company made 400 Bored Ape chess sets with corresponding non-financial symbols (NFT). All sold out in less than 24 hours.

Bored monkeys are more likely.


Last year, he reached 100 Twitter users who had profile pictures that were Bored Ape NFT, but only about five of them responded.

@ phibacka31, who owns Bored Ape, took da Luz’s free toy and showed it to other owners to spread the word.

“Without the Bored Ape community, IsmToys would not exist,” said da Luz.

On the old internet, if you gave a famous person a toy, no one would know about it. But with Web3, he says, more people are willing to take risks no matter what.

Da Luz says that people in the Bored Ape group have an unusually strong connection with the brand and that is why he approached them first. Some people go by their online names and say that they feel more like themselves when they use these names than when they use their real names.

At the NFT.NYC conference, the owner of Bored Ape NFT, which follows the email address @dejen art, told Insider: “I somehow define myself as my boredom monkey right now. “Ricky’s toys bring the digital world into the real world and it’s great to see his creativity come to life.

Her husband, @nftgerry, agreed and said he was surprised that people on the internet liked da Luz and his toys.

“Whenever someone is emotionally connected to something, even just a picture of something, you want to see it and celebrate it all the time,” he told Insider. “I’m emotionally connected to my Monkey, so having toys from my Monkey strengthens my emotional connection to my digital personality.

Da Luz says that people can relate to the unique toys because reality is still what people know best.

“Many people think the meta verse is cool, but in the end we are still in the physical world and have physical things,” he said. “So having something you can touch, the physical representation of your self-image is huge.

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