5 directions in the NFT space

5 directions in the NFT space – Mail Bonus

There is no question of immutable symbols and metaverse has created explosives that have caused powerful ripples across the blockchain stratosphere. In addition, they have not only influenced the digital world but also influenced a number of other industries such as art, gaming, finance, fashion and much more.

Companies and investors pump incredible amounts into various NFT and metaverse projects. And it is not surprising that some of the most prominent social networks, such as Reddit, Twitter and Meta, are involved in several NFT projects.

So, the main question here is, what will the future hold for us? In light of this, we need to talk about 5 of the most exciting NFT feeds to beware of.

Part 1 NFT Art Ownership

NFT hype has become a reality. The main investors and traders are buying and selling different types of NFT art in various NFT marketplaces. But to be bluntly honest, investors who trade on a much smaller scale have a huge difficulty owning part of the operation, especially given how expensive NFTs become on a daily basis. Today, popular NFTs cost thousands of dollars and become completely out of reach for smaller investors and traders.

But not anymore. Thanks to something called the “NFT ratio”, many users can now easily share ownership of any NFT art – working together to reduce prices. One of the best examples of NFT violations is the prestigious “Gorilla in a Street Mask” created by Banksy (a respected NFT artist). Banksy classified the artwork at 10,000 NFT. So, to own 10% of your artwork, you need to buy 1000 of NFTs. When first entered, each NFT cost $ 750.

2. NFT and games

With world-renowned gaming companies such as Ubisoft and Square Enix developing NFT assets for gaming environments, gaming and finance are no surprise, or simply “GameFi” is fast becoming popular with both gamers and game makers around the world. One of the biggest names in the NFT gaming world is Axie Infinity. The company drew direct inspiration from Pokémon in that you can own and trade NFT pets that can be collected called “Axies”.

You’d be surprised to know that Axie Infinity quickly generated huge game assets worth $ 1 billion, and users can buy and trade these NFT tokens in the game’s ecosystems. In addition, Axie has exceeded $ 4 billion in sales.

Courtesy of artlistings.com

3. Hollywood and NFT

If you had the opportunity to become a partial investor in helping to produce your favorite actor’s film using NFT, would you jump at the chance? Of course, you will! NFTs have quickly made inroads in the film and entertainment industry. And experts are wondering if NFT in the film and streaming industry might be the next big thing.

And rightly so, by 2021, NFT’s total sales exceeded $ 23 billion in many industries and companies. This simple fact has inflated the forces with an exponent. Film producers, streaming companies and independent film products all invest in NFT movies and incorporate them directly into their production through a variety of exciting ways.

4. NFT and the fashion industry

While some prominent fashion companies and brands have taken part in the NFT stratosphere, things picked up when Gucci released its trendy $ 12 digital shoes. This is essentially where the promotion grew and some reputed brands took the blockchain, incorporating both cryptography and NFT into marketing and products.

Some of the most famous names in the world are already involved in exciting developments. One great example is how Burberry worked with Mythical Games to release their unique and unique NFT collection. Similarly, the NFT collection that Birkin launched, called “Baby Birkin”, sold for $ 23,000 at auction.

5. NFT and the music industry

Blockchain analysts speculate that NFTs are on the verge of completely overhauling the music industry. And we can see that a lot of popular albums, album covers, lyrics and songs are changing in NFT. The first music band to dive into the NFT stratosphere is Kings of Leon. They were the first to release an album entirely as NFT.

Similarly, Mike Shinoda (from Link in Park) raised more than $ 11,000 to release his exclusive NFT. Both prominent and independent artists are now declaring that fair compensation is finally being paid for their craft. They are making considerable profits just from NFTs.

The crux of the matter

Thanks to the demand and popularity of NFTs, much of the pop culture is now gradually moving into the world of cryptocurrencies, which helps to increase the prominence of NFTs in industries such as games, entertainment, fashion and so on. , these are some of the best developments you can look for if you are considering investing in NFTs.

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