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6 questions for Annabelle Huang of Amber Group – Cointelegraph Magazine – Mail Bonus

We ask the builders of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies sector for their thoughts on the industry … and throw in some random zingers to keep them on their toes!

This week, ours 6 Questions to ask Annabelle Huang, CEO of Amber Group, a global leader in digital assets.

For Amber Group, I worked as the Asia Leader for AirSwap, a distributed trading platform that enables peer trading on the Ethereum blockchain. Before moving into digital assets, I advised private limited companies, US companies and hedge funds on structured solutions and risk management as a currency planner at Deutsche Bank and Nomura in New York. My background in traditional financial markets, together with my experience of institutions and macroeconomic markets, has given me a unique perspective in the development of product policies and solutions provided through the Amber Group.

1 – What is the problem that you think blockchain has the potential to solve, but it has not been tried yet?

Gender segregation is a key societal challenge that blockchain technology can potentially address. I believe that blockchain technology has the potential to open up investment opportunities for women, and I am honored to be in this industry to help raise the awareness of women and other marginalized communities about the usefulness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in their financial journey.

The industry is also evolving at such a rapid pace and the possibilities for innovation are limitless – what more can we do to empower women financially? And how else can we break the glass ceiling for women who are building careers at the intersection of finance and technology? I strongly believe that these are issues that we must address together, as an industry.

2 – What will happen to Bitcoin and Ether in the next 10 years?

Bitcoin and Ether are not going anywhere. If anything, they will gain popularity as cryptocurrencies become commonplace. Prices and values ​​will continue to fluctuate as in any financial market, but as the size of the societies that support them grows and regulations become clearer, Bitcoin and Ether are likely to drive innovation and become pillars of strength in the industry and beyond.

3 – Do you subscribe to the concept of Bitcoin as a means of payment, value, both … or neither?

Both! I believe that Bitcoin works just like any other currency and retains its own stored value. We are seeing its widespread adoption these days, with millions of online transactions and a growing interest in cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset platforms. This is a testament to the usefulness of Bitcoin – it is not only used for trading but doubles as a means of payment for products, services, art and more.

4 – Which two superpowers would you most like to have and how would you combine them for good … or evil?

I would choose either telecommuting or mind reading. In my job it’s always so busy, so the former would help me go over places fast!

5 – Other than today, at what time and in what country would you like to have lived?

Throughout my life I have been very fortunate to have lived in some beautiful places. I grew up in China and had the opportunity to study abroad in Pittsburgh and Paris. I also consider myself lucky to have worked in beautiful cosmopolitan cities like New York, Hong Kong and now, Singapore. In another life I would drink tea in a wonderful café in London.

6 – Are you thinking about your favorite poem or lyrics, what is it and why does it speak to you?

My favorite quote is from Le Petit Prince: “All adults were once children … but few of them remember it. This quote is my reminder to always be curious and approach each day with fresh eyes and first day mindset.

Wish for the young, ambitious blockchain community:

On behalf of the Amber Group, we want the young, ambitious blockchain community to continue to be the driving force behind innovation and deliver new blockchain applications that transform industries while maintaining the diffused spirit of DeFi. We are excited to see innovations that strengthen our global economy without forgetting the spirit of opportunity and community in creating a better world for all.

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