Rahul Gandhi rules out alliance with TRS, says KCR is not a CM but a "king" who does not listen to people

Rahul Gandhi rules out alliance with TRS, says KCR is not a CM but a “king” who does not listen to people – Mail Bonus

The leader of the parliament, Rahul Gandhi, on Friday ruled out any alliance with the ruling TRS in Telangana and launched a scathing attack on its president K Chandrashekar Rao, saying he was not a prime minister but a “king” who did not listen to people’s voices.

Addressing the “Rythu Sangharshana Sabha” – a farmers ‘meeting organized to highlight their differences – Gandhi urged people to support the parliament and said that as soon as its government was formed, farmers’ loans of up to Rs 2 lakh and farmers would be dropped. would receive the correct MSP (minimum support price) for their harvest.

He also issued the party’s “Warangal Declaration”, promising to waive farmers’ loans, 15,000 rupees per hectare of compensation to farmers in return for the 10,000 rupees provided by the TRS government, to reap the full harvest by increasing MSP and opening all sugar mills.

He said that every word in the statement was the parliamentary party’s assurance to farmers that he called the establishment of the southern state.

In order to stroke Rao, commonly known as KCR, he said that although the dream of Telangana’s progress was unfulfilled, only one family had “benefited enormously” after the state was ousted from Andhra Pradesh in 2014.

“Today it is said that Telangana has a supreme minister but he is not a supreme minister but a ‘Raja’ (king) who does not listen to the voice of the people but his own. The supreme minister makes a decision after hearing people but the king has nothing to do with democracy and does what he feels like, “he said at the big gathering with a round of applause.

He asserted that in future the parliament would not have a truck with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and that next year’s parliamentary elections would be a direct battle between the parliament and the KCR-led party.

Gandhi said any MP who wants to understand the TRS could either go over to that party or the BJP.

He also argued that the BJP wanted the TRS government to continue in Telangana so that they could control the state by “remote control”.

He argued that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an understanding of the KCR and that was why central institutions such as the CBI and ED were not pursuing him despite corruption in the state.

“The parliament will have no understanding of the person who ruined the dream of Telangana, betrayed him and stole lakhs and millions (of rupees) from young people and the poor,” Gandhi said in an unstoppable attack on his boss. Minister.

He also claimed that the parliament knew it would suffer politically, but it was up to the Telangans to give them a new state in 2014.

The people of Telangana thought that a government for the poor would be formed, but it did not happen and today “king” replaces the supreme minister, he said.

Gandhi argued that the KCR was not listening to farmers but to its 2-3 “capitalist friends”.

“The one who ruined the dream of the Telangans and stole lakhs of millions (of rupees) from farmers, the poor and the workers will never be forgiven,” he said.

He also declared that when the election comes, tickets will only be given to those who have fought for the people and spoken for the farmers.

Gandhi’s speech, mainly in Hindi, was translated into Telugu.

He was given a splendid and traditional welcome to the rallies in Warangal. The leaders of the parliament said that this was the “biggest” meeting of the party since the establishment of the state.

Later in a tweet, Gandhi said: “Telangana is not controlled by CM, but by Raja who does not listen to the voice of the people. When parliament forms a government we guarantee farmers: Rs 15,000 per hectare direct transfer; Rs. 2 lakh waiver of loans; Fair and accurate MSP.

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