DMK's board ends year in office, CM Stalin announces new system;  AIADMK boycotts Congress

DMK’s board ends year in office, CM Stalin announces new system; AIADMK boycotts Congress – Mail Bonus

On the occasion of the end of a year in office, Tamil Nadu’s Prime Minister MK Stalin announced on Saturday in parliament five new plans, including a breakfast for state-run schoolchildren, and underlined the results so far while the main opposition AIADMK boycotts the procedure.

A special nutrition system for children under the age of 6, urban health centers and excellent schools based on the Delhi model and an extension of the “chief minister in your constituency”, a plan for all 234 parliamentary parties were the 4 new systems he announced.

The main opposition, AIADMK, dropped the day’s speech in the House and called it “false propaganda”, allegations and the success of the DMK government based on its one-year rule. Governor RN Ravi greeted the government and sent his best wishes.

In his next hour-long speech in the House, Stalin also reiterated his social justice, including the “Dravidian model” of governance followed by his government.

Stalin presented a report card in the House on the one-year achievements of the DMK government under his leadership, saying that between 60 and 70 percent of the election promises made before the 2021 parliamentary elections had been fulfilled, even though the guarantee was to implement them over a five-year period.

“I am not going to say that I have achieved everything in one year. I could definitely say that we have done more than is possible in one year,” he said, pounding on the treasury benches.

The financial crisis and the attitude of the trade union government in some cases were the obstacles that prevented further implementation of plans and progress, Stalin said. If these two barriers had been absent, “we could have created many more systems,” he said.

He reiterated that all commitments made in DMK’s election manifesto would be fulfilled and vowed to continue working on his inclusive Dravidian model.

Earlier in the day, Stalin was traveling in a state-run bus and interacting with passengers. Free bus rides for women were a promise before the election that the ruling DMK gave before the parliamentary elections in April 2021 in the state.

Stalin also honored the Flower Festival with a memorial to CN Annadurai, the founder of the DMK, and his father and former Prime Minister M Karunanidhi at the marina here, after his government had completed one year in office.

In his announcement, the Prime Minister said that students from grades IV would be provided with a nutritious breakfast every weekday. In the first phase, it would be implemented in selected companies, municipalities and remote villages, and the system would provide for phased expansion to all other areas.

A study found that some children under the age of 6 were malnourished and had neither age weight nor height, which was a concern, he said. A special nutrition system provides for diagnosis, medical and nutritional support.

Recalling his recent visit to a state school in Delhi, he announced the first-class “Schools of Excellence” (SoE) with all the amenities and these institutions would also nurture individual talents and work on the personality development of children.

In the first phase, 25 business and public schools would be upgraded as SoE at an estimated cost of 150 million rupees. Such a SoE would be extended in stages across the state.

At urban health centers, Stalin said he would have a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist and an assistant. The clinics would operate between 8:00 and 11:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00 to provide people with free health care.

Up to 708 such new urban health centers would be set up, and at a cost of 180.45 million rupees, buildings would be built for this facility.

About CM in your constituency plan, he said that 1,000 million rupees would be earmarked for it this year and each MP should, in consultation with officials, submit 10 necessary projects based on needs. He said he would personally monitor the initiative.

He also mentioned the number of achievements of his government last year in various areas. It involves the creation of new employment opportunities for 1.90 lakh individuals with 124 declarations of intent with various companies.

Opposition leader K Palaniswami spoke to reporters outside parliament calling “false propaganda” a one-year achievement by the DMK government. During his one-year rule, the situation in the police has worsened and CM Stalin has only been opening plans, implementing and launching during the AIADMK administration, he said. “There has been no new plan,” he said.

The Supreme Leader of AIADMK, O Panneerselvam, told reporters in Thanjavur province that the DMK government “has not received any ratings, it has just failed”.

After 10 years in the opposition, Stalin’s led his party to a landslide victory over arch-rival AIADMK in opinion polls in 2021, which also marked his first term as prime minister. He took over as Minister of Foreign Affairs on May 7, 2021. He had previously served as Deputy CM in the DMK Government led by Karunanidhi in 2006-11.

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