Punjab submits 2 applications for HC in Bagga arrest case, wants Center to be made a party

Punjab submits 2 applications for HC in Bagga arrest case, wants Center to be made a party – Mail Bonus

The Punjab government on Saturday filed two applications before the Punjab and Haryana Supreme Court here, requesting that the center be made a party to the BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga’s arrest case and that the May 6 CCTV footage of the Janakpuri and Kurukshetra police stations be preserved. Punjab authorities have claimed that police officers were “arrested” at Janakpuri and Kurukshetra police stations when they went to arrest Bagga in connection with a case filed against him in Mohali last month.

India’s additional lawyer, Satya Pal Jain, who was representing the police in Delhi, said on Saturday: “They (the Punjab government) have filed these two applications, and when a notice is issued by the court, we will respond.

One of the two applications from the Punjab government seeks to call the Indian Union and the Delhi police chief as respondents.

Another reason is that surveillance camera footage from the Pipli and Sadar police stations in Kurukshetra (Haryana) and Janakpuri police station (Delhi) from May 6 will be preserved.

On Friday, the Punjab authorities had filed a habeas corpus petition in the Supreme Court against the alleged detention of their employees, charges denied by Delhi and Haryana police. The case was decided by a jury of Lalit Batra.

Jain said that with the consent of all parties, the hearing on Saturday was postponed until May 10 as habeas corpus was examined by a second class.

“On Saturday, the case was adjourned until Tuesday by the court of GS Gill,” he said after the trial.

In its case before the Court of Justice regarding the preservation of surveillance camera footage, the Punjab authorities state that “together with the facts and circumstances of this case, it would be in the interests of justice to produce and preserve surveillance camera footage dated May 6, 2022.”

Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga was picked up from his home on Friday morning by Punjab police. He was transported to Punjab by road when Haryana police stopped a Punjab police convoy. Delhi police took him back to the capital.

Delhi police had filed a kidnapping case based on a complaint from Bagga’s father, Preetpal Singh.

After the FIR was filed, Delhi law enforcement received a search warrant from Dwarka District Court, Jain said on Saturday.

AAP controls Delhi and Punjab while BJP controls Haryana. However, the Delhi police are under the Ministry of the Interior and not the AAP-led Delhi government.

Bagga, who is also Bharatiya’s secretary of state Janata Yuva Morcha, was detained in connection with a case filed against him in Mohali last month.

Delhi Police Chief Jain said on Saturday: “As for us, on behalf of the Delhi Police, I made it clear that we have not arrested any police officer in Punjab. Bagga was arrested by us (the police in Delhi) from Pipli. to enforce an order approved by a Delhi court.

“He was taken to Delhi for a medical examination and brought before a judge late at night. The court ordered that he be released and allowed to go home and Bagga was then sent home.” Jain said that he had submitted a status report on behalf of the Delhi police in the whole case.

He answered the question and said that Haryana also claimed that she did not arrest any police officer in Punjab.

For his part, Punjab State Adviser Poneet Bali told reporters outside the Supreme Court on Saturday that Bagga had been notified five times, but he did not respond.

“The Punjab police have every right to arrest a defendant,” he said.

Referring to the kidnapping complaint, the Delhi police claimed that the Delhi police had received a search warrant from a court without disclosing the fact that Bagga is charged in a case and he has been arrested.

“So whoever the future measures will be for Mr Baggi will definitely be taken into account.”

The request for habeas corpus was made because the Punjab were concerned that its police officers who had gone into public service were being “detained” instead of paying for what is a very serious matter, Bali said.

He said the information related to the search warrant had been released by Delhi law enforcement in the area on Friday morning, after which Haryana police stopped the car at Pipli in Haryana where Bagga was taken to Punjab.

Delhi Police Chief Jain said Punjab staff did not inform local Delhi police before arresting Bagga, nor did they follow the arrest procedure.

“As far as the police in Delhi are concerned, we have behaved within the legal conditions as prescribed by the courts. The Punjab police did not consult with us or inform us before Mr. Bagga was arrested.

“Those who had gone there (to Baggi’s home in Delhi) were also not in uniform, they were in plain clothes,” Jain said.

In the past month, Punjab police have indicted Tajinder Bagga on charges of making provocative statements, promoting hostility and alleged crime.

The case was filed following a complaint by AAP leader Sunny Ahluwalia, a resident of Mohali. The FIR, which was registered on April 1, referred to Tajinder Bagga’s remarks on March 30, when he was part of the BJP youth party’s protest outside the residence of Arvind Kejriwal, the prime minister of Delhi.

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