Beijing's loyal friend John Lee has been elected Hong Kong's next leader

Beijing’s loyal friend John Lee has been elected Hong Kong’s next leader – Mail Bonus

John Lee was elected the next leader of Hong Kong on Sunday, after receiving more than 99% of the votes cast by the electoral commission, mostly in favor of Beijing.

Lee received 1,416 votes in the presidential election, far in excess of the 751 votes he needed to win. Nearly 1,500 members of the electoral commission voted in a secret ballot on Sunday morning.

As the only candidate in the polls, Lee was expected to win, especially since he received the support of Beijing and last month received 786 nominations from members of the nominating committee in support of his candidacy.

Lee will take over from current leader Carrie Lam on July 1.

Lam congratulated Lee on a statement and said he would present the election results to Beijing.

“The current government and I will ensure a smooth transition with the elected Secretary General. “We will provide all the support we need to be able to take office in the new term,” Lams said in a statement.

The election follows a major overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral law last year to ensure that only Beijing – backed “patrons” can run for office. The Legislature was also reorganized to eliminate all but the voices of the opposition.

An elaborate arrangement around a predetermined conclusion speaks to Beijing’s desire for the veneer of democracy. Although they voted by secret ballot, Hong Kong voters were all scrutinized.

The Hong Kong Government Council of Hong Kong and Macao also congratulated Lee on a statement, saying that the “successful election” proved that the city’s new electoral system was “good” and in line with the “one country, two systems” framework. Hong Kong is governed by.

The statement added that the new secretary general will lead the Hong Kong government and “people from all walks of life to remain united”.

The British handed over Hong Kong to mainland China in 1997 under the “one country, two systems” framework, which promised the city certain freedoms not found on the mainland, including freedom of speech and assembly.

Critics say this freedom is being curtailed as Beijing has gained more control of the former British colony in recent years.

On Sunday morning, three members of the Social Democrats, local activists, protested the election, trying to march towards the polling station at the same time as they showed a banner demanding universal suffrage that allows Hong Kongers to vote for both the legislature and the leader. managing director.

“Human rights over power, the people are more than the country,” read the table. “One man, one vote for the secretary general. Immediate introduction of dual universal suffrage.”

One protester was handing out plane tickets before police arrived and cordoned off protesters and eating. Police also searched for protesters and took down their personal information, although no one was arrested immediately.

Hong Kong’s democratic camps have long demanded universal suffrage, which they say is promised in the city’s constitution, its constitution. It was also a key demand in the 2014 and 2019 umbrella revolution protests against the government.

Lee’s role as Hong Kong’s next leader has raised concerns that Beijing could tighten its grip on Hong Kong. He spent most of his career in the police and security office and is a staunch supporter of the National Security Act enacted in Hong Kong in 2020 aimed at eliminating opposition.

His rise stemmed from massive protests against the government in 2019 that escalated into violent clashes. As security secretary, he oversaw the police campaign to deal with the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets, and later gathered many of them for later arrest.

More than 150 people have been arrested under security laws prohibiting segregation, terrorism, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces to intervene in the city’s affairs. Almost all prominent democrats have been imprisoned, others have fled abroad or been afraid to remain silent.

Thousands of people have fled the city with 7.4 million people amid the 2019 protests, followed by severe pandemic restrictions, including many professionals and foreigners.

In his election campaign in the weeks leading up to Sunday’s election, Lee vowed to enact long-standing local legislation to protect against security threats and vowed to increase the supply of housing in the world’s most expensive real estate market.

He also said he intends to improve the city’s competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for Hong Kong’s development.

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