Rupees in the "ICU" under Modi, Prime Minister can not hide economic, social reality forever: Congress on the free fall of rupees

Rupees in the “ICU” under Modi, Prime Minister can not hide economic, social reality forever: Congress on the free fall of rupees – Mail Bonus

As the Indian rupee fell to an all-time low, parliament on Monday slammed the Modi government, saying the Indian legal tender was at the “ICU”. In a scathing Facebook post, Rahul Gandhi said the prime minister could not keep India’s economic and social reality “hidden forever”.

He asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to acknowledge the economic crisis and start working on providing solutions instead of offering “PR disruption”.

Parliamentary Secretary-General and Chief Spokesman Randeep Surjewala said the Indian rupee had fallen to the lowest 77.41 rupees in US dollars, something that has never happened in the last 75 years.

“Under the Modi government, there is an Indian rupee in the intensive care unit. Under the Modi government, the Indian rupee has exceeded the age of “Margdarshak Mandal” from BJP. “Under the Modi government, the Indian rupee has even fallen over the age of prime minister and what are the reasons for that,” tweeted Surjewala.

“Margdarshak Mandal” refers to a group of very high-ranking BJP leaders, including former BJP presidents LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi, who was formed to lead the party shortly after Modi became prime minister. Their incorporation into Margdarshak Mandal was seen as an attempt by the new BJP leadership to keep them from actually making decisions.

Opposition leader Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge also tweeted: “The rupee has reached an all-time low against the US dollar. CM Modi had criticized the government and called it anti-international. The Prime Minister Modi is silent! ”

Gandhi said in a Facebook post: “The rupee has fallen to a historic low, 77.4 Rs (USD). The Prime Minister has already reached his goal of 100 Rs + in petrol and diesel and 1000 Rs in LPG. Now it’s the rupees’ turn. walk towards 100 (against the US dollar). ”

“India is in the midst of a huge economic crisis, which will get even worse and turn into something that Indians have never witnessed before. recognizes the situation and starts working on solutions instead of just offering PR interruptions. “Gandhi used the hashtag” #BJPFailsIndia “.

Surjewala said this was due to obvious reasons, including rising inflation. He claimed that life had become unbearable and expensive, whether it was petrol, diesel, cooking gas, CNG-PNG or foodstuffs, everything had gone public.

Surjewala said it was an “immeasurable” capital flight from India due to “BJP-sponsored societal tensions, rampant corruption in BJP-controlled countries and the insurmountable debt of the Government of India and the states”. He said that as a result, investor confidence had declined and the cost of doing business had multiplied.

The leader of the parliament said that the depletion of foreign exchange reserves, from 604 billion US dollars to 536 billion US dollars, was a cause for concern.

In just two weeks, the foreign exchange reserves have been depleted by almost 31 billion US dollars, he said.

“How will the country’s economy sustain itself, when the government is strengthening social divisions, polarization and tensions and an atmosphere of hatred? Why should anyone invest here? And that’s why capital flight is happening, foreign exchange reserves are declining and falling inflation is coming down. on all sides of our economy, “he said.

The rupee increased its losses and fell by 60 paise to close at a record low of 77.50 (provisional) against the US dollar on Monday, pushing for the strength of the US currency abroad and an unrestricted outflow of foreign funds.

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