Chintan Shivir Congress: Exceptional Provisions Begin to Defend the "Family Tree"

Chintan Shivir Congress: Exceptional Provisions Begin to Defend the “Family Tree” – Mail Bonus

Although the three-day Chintan Shivir Congress began in Udaipur on Friday with the AICC promising big rules on organizational change, restricting hereditary right to party affiliation, introducing young people at all levels of leadership and relaxation periods for officials after a. 5 years of service, at the same time the leadership and representatives also began to push for “exemption provisions” which would not only protect the family interests of the entrenched and widespread “family tree of the parliament” from the leadership of Gandhis-Vadra, but would also reduce other proposals even planned 50 % reservation for a category under 50 years will be implemented over the current quota so that the accommodation can be made against other categories, including many older ones.

Further discussions on this are expected until late Friday, as members of six groups were still in closed discussions at the time of writing.

If the reports before the meeting on the draft proposal of the parliamentary committee on planning for “one-family-one-ticket” criteria caused internal tensions, it also led to an equal “raised eye” among a strong army. the entrenched party leaders’ support for the Gandhi-Vadra leadership is also linked to the fact that they are also given free rein to create their own “family tree”. The provision of “one family member” also led many to wonder whether a third member of the Gandhi-Vadra family, Priyanka, would not take part in the polls.

The answer to all of this came on Friday in the form of an “exception cluster” issued by Ajay Maken, AICC’s secretary general, even as he tried to make “one-family-one-ticket” the party’s big ticket transfer. “There is a complete consensus about the one-family-one ticket proposal. The feeling is that if another member wants a ticket to a competition, he / she should have worked for at least five years in the party organization. This meant that leaders could not hand out tickets to a family member. who has not worked for the party, “said Maken.

However, what this really meant was that the leaders and their son / daughter who are already in the Legislature will have no problem getting a ticket back. Even sons / daughters who are not legislators can find an easy way out, as powerful political families always ensure that their chosen heir is registered as a party member in some committees, mainly from a teenage age. While such rules are not expected to apply to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul, as they serve and former party leaders respectively, Vadra has a full five-year career, starting in 2017 when she made her debut as AICC Secretary-General. Maken also said that the issue of the leadership of the parliament was not the subject of the Shivir debate as it was related to organizational research.

On the opening day, the leaders emphasized the “youth agenda” – that every party committee up to the CWC will have 50% representation for leaders under the age of 50. on mutual accommodation. It is possible that this 50% youth quota will be rolled over the party’s current quota for women (33%) and for SC-ST-OBC minorities (which is expected to exceed the current 20%) so that space is found for receive enough “50 plus” leaders and an essential “weapon day”. Some delegates argued that the deadline could only be extended from the specific position the leader has held.

Shivir will also propose that the party set up a public inspection department to assess the public’s position on issues.

Representatives against the parliament are blindly seeking allies

Many MPs felt that the parliament could not go blindly in search of allies as it had to protect its own electoral space and had to stay away from these opponents of the BJP allies who were going to eat up the traditional votes of the parliament. This meant, the resistance of many against any action against TMC, AAP, TRS, BJD.

“First of all, we want to fix our own house. We want to make MPs more active and powerful and then we will go to others …,” said Mallikarjun Kharge.

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