Proof of pudding is eating: Shashi Tharoor on the results of the Chintan Shivir Congress

Proof of pudding is eating: Shashi Tharoor on the results of the Chintan Shivir Congress – Mail Bonus

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor described Chintan Shivir’s party as an exercise in reform and revival on Wednesday. to.

Tharoor, among a group of 23 leaders who wrote to party leader Sonia Gandhi in 2020 in search of far-reaching reform, said the “reformists” at the end of the day wanted more consultation processes where a variety of voices would be heard and heard. for consideration before decisions were made.

“If such discussions were taking place in the proposed advisory council, the purpose would have been served,” he told PTI in an interview.

But it remains to be seen, Tharoor added.

“Our proposals, such as the revival of the Althingi board and the idea of ​​an election to a working committee, were both conducive to bringing fresh voices to the table. The final decisions after such talks would always be with the leadership,” he said.

After the flight to Udaipur 13.-15. In May, Sonia Gandhi announced an advisory group drawn from the House Working Committee. She said this was “not a joint decision-making body” and would help her benefit from the vast experience of older colleagues.

Referring to the Shivir debate, Tharoor said: “Serious debates were held in a constructive spirit amidst a lot of talk about changes in the air. But whether they will end where many of us wanted to be seen remains to be seen.”

“Let’s say that a process has begun that still needs to be developed in the coming months. The cliché holds true: the proof of the pudding is in the food, “added MP Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram.

He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Rahul Gandhi. While some of his colleagues certainly came up with such proposals, they were not part of an organized debate, the parliamentary leader said.

“There is no doubt, however, that Rahul Gandhi was the ideal choice for the overwhelming majority of the party’s staff. He has not indicated whether he wants the job.”

“I expect that we will have to wait for the proposed AICC (All India Congress Committee) to resolve this issue,” Tharoor said.

On the issue of “soft Hindutva”, which was hotly debated in Shivir, he made it clear that the party’s fundamental commitment to India’s pluralism and diversity was “unacceptable”.

“We have long used the word secularism for this, but secularism implies distance from religion, while we in India are deeply fond of religions, customs, rituals, festivals and customs. The parliament has no problem with MPs showing all respect. “religion,” said Tharoor.

As a Member of Parliament, he stressed, he goes to temples, churches and mosques in his constituency all the time – in temples as a believer, to others to show respect for the sacred views of his constituents and fellow citizens.

“This may not seem very mundane, but it is not ‘soft Hindutva’ in any way. Hindutva is a political ideology that has little to do with religion or Hinduism – it is a doctrine that preaches the superiority of a particular cultural identity, contrary to Hindu principle. which teaches us to recognize differences, “said Tharoor.

Such majority politics are foreign to the parliament, he said.

Tharoor responded to regional parties such as the RJD, criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s comments that they could not fight against the BJP-RSS because they lacked ideology. but the parliament. is a ethnic group with a presence in every district of the country.

“My personal view is that all of us who have the same mentality, both regional and national, must work together to address the NDA by 2024. Otherwise, we will see an irreversible transformation of India into an intolerable, narrow autonomous state. under the leadership of the majority BJP, “he said.

Asked about reform measures such as joint leadership and a parliamentary government that was not fully approved in Shivir, Tharoor said he was on the political committee and not dedicated to discussions in the planning committee where such issues were resolved.

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