The Netherlands has proven to be a gateway for India's exports to Europe: Ambassador

The Netherlands has proven to be a gateway for India’s exports to Europe: Ambassador – Mail Bonus

The Netherlands has emerged as the fourth most popular destination for Indian exports. The port of Holland Rotterdam plays a major role in boosting Indian trade to Europe and the country has proven to be the gateway to New Delhi for exports to the continent. The Make in India can support Dutch companies to invest in India and a good example is the collaboration between the Dutch shipbuilder Royal IHC and Cochin Shipyard Limited, the Dutch envoy to India, Marten van den Berg, said Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury at ET.

The Netherlands has emerged as the fourth most popular destination for Indian exports. What are the synergistic factors behind this?

The Netherlands has always been a very open economy with great planning. Our port of Rotterdam is the largest and most efficient port in Europe. As a result, not only Indian exports to the Netherlands but also large exports from India to Germany, France and Belgium pass through the Netherlands. India is doing very well in business, recording the highest exports since its inception in 2022.

An important part of India’s exports was fuel. Rotterdam, a key port for fuel imports, was a so-called natural export point for Indian fuel exports to the EU. But also high commodity exports contributed to the increase. Due to its excellent connections with the country, the Netherlands is a gateway to Europe and therefore an important destination for exports to Europe of raw materials, such as Indian raw materials.

What does the Netherlands intend to increase its investments in India under the Make in India initiative?

For us, the Make in India initiative is a strategy to better connect India to international supply chains. We support Dutch companies looking for supply chain diversity to explore the opportunities in India. We do this in close consultation with Invest India.

Invest India is a great partner for foreign investors in India. The Make in India can support Dutch companies to invest in India. A great example is the collaboration of our Dutch shipbuilder Royal IHC

Limited. Under the Make in India initiative, they plan to build dredgers for DCI to meet India’s growing demand for dredging services.

What does the Netherlands intend to become a gateway for Indian exports and investment in Western and Northern Europe based on its advantages over ports? Is there a plan for co-operation in shipbuilding?
We are connecting almost half a billion consumers in the European hinterland with international producers. The Netherlands has a world-class port, a great Amsterdam airport, an extensive waterway network, a strong road transport network and a network of railway infrastructure. We offer the best infrastructure facilities, but it is ultimately up to the private sector to decide where to invest.

We strongly believe in a market-driven process. Due to the strong economy, we see many foreign companies investing in the Netherlands. There are also over 200 Indian companies in the Netherlands. Companies like

, HCL,,,. Not only because of the infrastructure but also because of the high technology of our private sector, our strong institutions and the skilled workforce.

We see many Indian companies using the Netherlands as a hub in Europe and we welcome Indian companies very much. It’s also great to see the Indians feel good in the Netherlands. English is our second language, there are many Indian restaurants, we play cricket, though not as well as in India and there are very good connections from Amsterdam airport to some Indian cities.

How would you characterize the Indian President’s visit to the Netherlands and the Foreign Minister’s visit to India?

Extremely positive. This was Covid19’s first state visit, so everyone in the Netherlands was very excited. Our royal family and our Prime Minister were very well received. There was a lot of participation from the whole Dutch government. We celebrated 75 years of diplomatic relations and friendship. During the visit, the Indian President mentioned a new species of tulip called Maitri, as a symbol of the special and long friendship of India and the Netherlands.

This was the first visit of heads of state from India to the Netherlands in more than three decades. India and the Netherlands have a normal partnership and there are many synergies in our relationship. We are both a democracy, we value a regular system and a diverse society. Both our economies are market- and innovation-driven. We work closely together on water, agriculture, climate and health.

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