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Since the first NFT games came on the market, a large number of NFT games have been produced and followed by players. Card games, an old game format based on modern technology, have also been popular among gamers. One of the exciting card games that has recently been launched is Splinterlands. In this article, we aim to provide detailed instructions on this game and check it out in detail.

What is a Splinterlands NFT game?

Splinterlands is a blockchain-powered NFT game based on the Hive blockchain. This is an automatic fighting game and each card is a collection of NFT. Splinterlands shares similar ideas to the Magic the Gathering and Heartstone games. Players need to build a collection of cards, with different stats and abilities, and use their collection to battle other players in games.

Hive blockchain technology allows users to buy and sell their NFT cards, just like real-world physical card trading. The game allows players to purchase credits in the game with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Players can also earn Hive tokens by being a member of the Splinterlands social media community.

How does Splinterlands work?

Like any other NFT game, Splinterlands also allows its players to play, earn and trade in the digital assets they acquire while playing. There are over 283 cards in the game and players can combine them to improve their stats, personal abilities, gain strength and become stronger to defeat their opponents.

The game contains 7 statistics:

  • armor
  • Speed
  • mana cost
  • attack strength melee
  • magic attack strength
  • in the range of offensive strength

There are also 7 specific elements, called splinters, introduced in the game: Water, Life, Death, Dragon, Earth, Fire and Neutral. Each card belongs to one of these elements. Players are only allowed to use one splint in battle. It indicates that the cards in that battle must be all fire, all water, all earth, all life, all death or all dragon. Fire and water boards cannot be shuffled within the team.

Types of cards in Splinterlands NFT game

Types of cards in Splinterlands NFT game

There are three types of maps in Spliterlands:


has a magical power that helps to evoke monsters.


are any creature that is called to take part in battle. Monsters are responsible for fighting and are the key to progress.

Gold paper

is a name used with Splinterlands Booster Packs. The pack contains Summoners, Monsters and Gold Foils, which are the rarest cards. The gold card holder gets a 10% bonus if he wins a battle.

When you start a battle, first choose your cards that will be your deck, including only one Summoner and a maximum of 6 monsters. The Summoner card can affect the entire Monster game. Callers can further strengthen monsters with additional abilities such as armor and health.

Splinterlands map information

Splinterlands NFT game Basics map
  • Mana cost: Players need Mana cost to use Summoner and Monster cards in battles. Different amounts of Mana define how players can create their teams.
  • Form of attack: Monsters have 3 types of attacks: Melee, Ranged and Magic. Melee attacks from the starting position on the battlefield. Various attacks from the rear row of the battlefield. And magic or the best possible attack can happen from any position.
  • Speed: Speed ​​statistics define the order in which monsters attack.
  • Armor and health: Monsters are protected with armor to maintain their health. The speed of a monster’s health determines the amount of time it can survive on the battlefield.
  • Experience: Cards can be leveled if players combine double Monster cards. It enhances the experience of the monster and new abilities could open up and the monsters increase their health and armor.
  • Fitness: Monsters have various abilities that are written at the bottom of each card. Knowing the abilities of monsters helps players to take full advantage of monsters in attacks.

Splinterlands game settings

There are four different game modes in the Splinterlands NFT game to choose from:

How to play

This shows players how to play Splinterlands for the first time. It offers instruction on different map types, abilities, statistics and how to fight.


This mode allows players to practice combat while their ranking is unaffected and is completely free. It’s a good opportunity to practice the mechanics of the game.


Here, players can start a fight if they want to increase their position in the league.


This mode allows players to create custom games that they and their friends can fight in. Battles here do not affect the order of the players.

Players can go through different levels to earn rare, card packs, Dark Energy and magic potions. Dark Energy is the digital currency in the game that is used to buy items from the shop in the game.

How to play Splinterlands?

How to play Splinterlands

To gain enough knowledge about the features of the game, players need to take a few steps to start playing Splinterlands:

  • Create a trusted digital wallet, for example MetaMask
  • Creating a Splinterlands Game Account
  • Buying the spellbook

There are a few simple steps to take and create a digital wallet. In the case of MetaMask, players need to download the app from a browser and follow the steps carefully.

However, creating an account on Splinterlands is much easier. All you have to do is open the web page and click on it Play now. A new window will open asking for registration information, including the address of the digital wallet. Next, create a new account and enjoy the welcome message. All done!

Now let’s see how players should get the Spellbook.

How to buy Summoner’s Spellbook?

How to Buy The Summoner's Spellbook

Players can earn real money while playing Splinterlands if they own a Spellbook. To purchase the magic book, players should:

  1. Login Their Splinterlands account.
  2. click on STORE the icon in the menu.
  3. choose Summoner’s Charter and pay the price with PlayPal or Cruptocurrency.
  4. Confirm the purchase and the letter book will be linked to the account.

Remember that Spellbook is not NFT and therefore cannot be replaced. It updates the owner and allows them to access all aspects of Splinterland.

How is the prize system in Splinterlands?

If players win a game, they will receive a prize from Dark Energy Crystals. The game also offers daily tasks and prizes for the end of the season. Players are given chests according to their current positions which can include prize cards, Dark Energy Crystals, Potions and sometimes even a pack of cards.

There are also two types of drinks: Legendary and Alchemy. They increase the chances of finding Legendary or Gold Foil cards, respectively. Both types of prizes are available for players who attend the weekly tournaments that are built into Splinterlands. To make it more fun, the game also rewards a bonus payout of DEC to the top 30 players each season.

What are the Splinterland Symbols?

What are the Splinterland symbols?

There are two main symbols in the game: DEC and SPS. DEC or Dark Energy Crystals is used to purchase NFT Splinterlands cards. It can only be earned if a player has a spellbook and wins a points game. Then there is SPS or Splintershades. According to the game’s official website, SPS is the main symbol in the game. Players can earn SPS by winning tournaments. SPS is also awarded as an air drop. The amount of SPS airdrop depends directly on the assets in the game owned by the players, including the DEC. The more properties, the larger the SPS air droplets.

The crux of the matter

Splinterlands is an attractive NFT game among all others. The violence and how it entertains its players causes many newcomers to join the podium. If you are a fan of NFT games, try Splinterlands and enjoy earning some money and fun.

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