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A video released by Philion, a YouTuber’s researcher, has sparked a debate over whether the Buga Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) flagship Yuga Labs collection contains racism and white nationalist mysticism.

Rusnack presented his case in an hour-long YouTube video that was broadcast on Monday, claiming that BAYC was “one giant all-right joke” using jargon, symbols and memes from the anonymous 4Chan web site.

He said the NFT graphics contained racist stereotypes of black and Asian people and drew parallels between sign language and the language used by Yuga Labs and BAYC and the Nazis.

For example, one analogy often cited by proponents of the allegations compares the BAYC logo with the Nazi Totenkopf symbol used by the SS Panzer Division during World War II.

Following the video, Rusnack calls for action and urges viewers to pressure BAYC NFT owners to “burn” their logo, which involves sending NFT to an unusable and unrecoverable wallet:

“I want all famous actors, athletes and influencers to burn fcking api. I want to do thatA shit storm that everyone from Steph Curry to Post Malone to Jimmy Fallon is forced to respond to. “

The museum’s claims of racism have been a popular issue on social media this year, but became prominent when artist Ryder Ripps compiled a summary of what he considers to be evidence of Nazi ideology and anti-Semitism in early 2022.

Ripps acquired the name gordongoner.com, the same pseudonym used by Yuga Labs founder Wylie Aronow to host a website with several cases of mystical symbols. The film goes through the material that Rusnack collected and the research that Ripps completed.

In the video, Rusnack claims that there is a “point where these patterns are no longer coincidental,” adding:

“If I could cite one example of targeted Nazi, fascist, or all-right discourse, you might say, ‘I see it, but it’s provocative.’ So, what’s your phone number? “At what point will all these cases become apparent to you?

Yuga Labs responded to some of the allegations without addressing the issue and tweeted in January that the monkeys were being used by many in the cryptocurrency world to refer to themselves. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly when it comes to investing in coins or projects.

In response to the BAYC logo, Yuga Labs said that the goal was to make the “club” look “great and wonderful” and that they had chosen a skull:

“We chose monkey skulls to represent how boring these animals are – they ‘get bored to death’.”

Mark Pitcavage, a senior researcher at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), was quoted as saying in a February interview with Input that he had not seen anything similar to the logo and Totenkopf and was quoted as saying:

“The Nazi Totenkopf is a very conspicuous visual design of the skull and crossbones and the monkeys’ skulls do not resemble it in any way except to the extent that all skulls resemble each other to some extent.

Pitcavage, however, agreed that certain features and characteristics of the NFT were difficult, such as the “hip hop” feature with a gold chain and the “sushi chef headband”, both of which are caricatures of black culture and the Japanese person.

Binance was humiliated after releasing a swastika emoji on Hitler’s birthday.

Overall, Pitcavage and fellow ADL researcher Carla Hill believe Ripp’s findings are not related to a particular group of radicals.

Ripps has been accused of using its combined research as a PR stunt to market its own BAYC-derived NFT library, RR / BAYC, which contains over 6,000 NFTs based on the original library.

According to Ripps, the collection is a parody and protest aimed at educating people about the alleged BAYC extremist organization. However, these statements do not contradict Ripp’s statements in his research.

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