A Profitable YouTube Business Model

The “YouTube Partner” makes it
possible for its associates to make
money for each and every view they earn
or subscriber they gather on their site.
There have been people who quit their
jobs and switched over to make full time
videos. However, you need to look at the
steps shown below:
1. You need to set up an account on
YouTube. While setting up an account,
you need to take into account the
keywords that you would certainly like
to include to help potential subscribers
find you. In the case that you enjoy
playing video games, then video games
could be a great keyword – along with
controllers, Playstation, etc….
2. You need to invest in good web cam
equipment. They are reasonably
priced and widely available. As you
get better at filming, upgrade your
3. You need to set up a Google Ad sense
account. From this, you will make a
profit through people clicking on ads
from your video.
4. Remember, you need to ask your
viewers to subscribe and follow you.
The more subscribers, the more money.
So it is absolutely necessary to ask for
subscribing at the end of every video.
The most flourishing You Tuber’s didn’t
get all those riches overnight. It took
them years of enthusiasm and
commitment to build up a firm fan base.
You must utilize Twitter, Facebook,
Pinterest and other social media sites to
build up the subscriber base. According
to socialnewsdaily.com, the top 1000
YouTube channels have an income of
average roughly $23,000 a month.
YouTube is likely to earn the advertising
revenue of approximately $5 billion this
year. The question is how do the
YouTubers get a share of that? In the end,
it is their content that attracts the
advertisers to this platform. Let us look
at some ways of which you can generate
money on this site:
Become a YouTube Partner.
Anyone having internet access has the
capability to upload videos on YouTube.
However, in order to make money off
that content, you would be required to
get enrolled as YouTube partner.
Nowadays, any person with a good
account standing is eligible to become
YouTube partner. They just need to give
explicit permission to YouTube to place
advertisements around, in and on your
video. These ads views obtain money
for Google. Partners in return earn a
share through an account on Google
Adsense. The capacity to earn money is
precisely dependent on various factors.
You may follow the steps mentioned
below to initiate the process to become
a YouTube partner:
• Go to ‘Channel Settings’ page
• On this page go to ‘Account
Monetization’ section
• Click ‘Enable My Account’ tab
Once your request is approved, you
would be on the way to make money
from your videos.
You should be prepared for the issues in
getting approvals, in case your content
violates any copyright agreement or you
publish any material which is sexually
explicit, racist or abusive. Google will
remove all such content. This can even
impact the standing of your account.
Earning of YouTube Partners from the
Revenues of Advertising
YouTube captures approximately 45%
share of the revenues earned via
advertising, even though the cost (also
known as CPM) charged to the
advertisers varies. Most partners earn in
the range of $0.30 CPM to $2.50 CPM,
however there may be exceptions. Due
to these exceptions larger YouTube
players, the earning capacity is now
approximately $10 CPM for them.
Earnings of Partners from
Merchandise or Sponsorship Deals
A lot of well-liked YouTubers have
secured profitable deals of sponsorship
with brand names. This is just for the
reason that these creators have generated
a significant audience. Moreover, they
are in the correct place at the correct
time. Agreements of Sponsorship are
completed outside of YouTube and may
take a long procedure with the
sponsorship company.
Earnings of Partners from the
Subscription of Paid Channels
In 2013, YouTube announced the launch
of a subscription service of channels
which are paid. This allowed publishers
& creators to charge for the video
content they upload. They also launched
53 channels with monthly charge in the
range of $0.99 to $6.99.
Bigger Incomes with MCNs.
MCN is referred to as Multi Channel
Networks. In the past few years, a rapid
rise of MCN has been observed. These
are created in certain ways to assist
creators and also to build more
attractive offering for
monetization. These MCN’s are certain
independent companies who combine
multiple YouTube channels. They
provide support for YouTubers on the
topics of copyright management,
programming, promotion, enhanced
earnings and collaboration.
MCNs are in a situation to offer higher
earnings. This is because they are
commanding superior rates of
advertising rates via direct sales of ads,
packaging and sponsorships.
Finally, it is clear that one can make a
living from YouTube, however as with
any creative enterprise, the smarter you
work, the more optimized your videos
are, and the better you are at marketing
the more l

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