AirRes masks - breathe new life into Metaverse

AirRes masks – breathe new life into Metaverse – Mail Bonus

We all knew that there would come a day when the distinction between the real and the digital world would be complicated. However, we did not expect it to happen so soon. Recent research in the AR / VR sector pushes us into a new era. Augmented reality and virtual reality are reaching new heights.

The University of Salzburg has given us Markus Tatzgern and his pioneering design team with the AirRes Mask. Let’s dive deeper to learn about it:

What is the new AirRes mask?

AirRes Mask is a new device that you can pair with your AR / VR headphones. It enhances and enriches the experience that an individual has in the digital dimension. The purpose of the AirRes mask is to control our airflow and breathing. On the other hand, it offers increased perception for VR / AR and helps to control various experiences.

Currently, it is a head-mounted gear, which is also a bit tight and covers the entire mouth.

In short, AirRes Mask is the next step in the AR / VR industry. However, it is not in production yet. Therefore, it is not available in the market. The device still needs a lot of research and inspection due to the potential danger.

The team’s insight

According to the leading team, they are using breathing resistance for the new sensing method. In simple words, they use breath resistance, which is often found in exercise masks, to help create air resistance that would mimic the air conditions of the environment in which the virtual water is contained.

This could lead to people perceiving various heights in virtual reality. It could be a great asset for psychotherapy, imitation training or risk perception training in general.

AirRes Mask: Accurate and reliable virtual reality breathing interface

Let’s just admit that Metaverse is a concept often associated with the VR / AR world. So, using AirRes in VR / AR, or Metaverse, is enough:

  • The breathing analogy will allow people to have a more realistic sense of the situation. It could be great for a movie experience.
  • Similarly, it can be great for games where you have fire and smoke, for users to experience some kind of suffocation without making it uncomfortable.
  • AirRes could also be the next step in fire management training. Firefighters and everyday people could use it to learn how to survive smoke and fire.
  • It may open the borders for the body to feel the wind or even sensory contact in the future. If not, it could help evoke emotions controlled by the airway.
  • In the future, we could witness AirRes that could even repeat the smell and the smell. That would be a significant achievement for the AR / VR industry.

Of course, most of these things are just speculations and predictions. Nothing has been hacked yet because the device is still under review and approval.

The need for sensory equipment – is it a nightmare?

There will always be two sides to the coin and there will be people who will oppose this idea. When everything is turned upside down, it will make things challenging for people, like distinguishing between realities. People could possibly get stuck in another reality for a long time.

However, technological developments have been pursuing multifaceted sensory stimulation for some time. AirRes Mask could prove to be a landmark discovery and invention. Admittedly, it’s scary to think of the suffocation through AirRes Mask, but then it also offers a natural experience.

Other examples of sensory equipment

Several other innovative teams around the world are working to offer a multi-sensory experience through AR / VR. Another team from Future Interfaces Group Carnegie Mellon University showed another VR headset. This was a shelf design that works with audio variables. The purpose of the headphones was to offer users a tactile feeling in the mouth.

Of course, in the end, the experiment resembled the sensory experience of a spider throwing acid in your mouth, but it was an achievement. It just shows that with a little more progress we could be looking at a better sensory experience.

Corollary: It’s a rapidly changing world

Just when you thought Web 3.0 and Metaverse had peaked, we reached a new milestone. It is proof that we are just beginning to step into an unknown territory. The possibilities of Metaverse are endless.

We are confident that the Virtual Dimension Perception Experience will be a turning point for the Metaverse and Web 3.0 worlds. It’s not just about DeFi, DeSoc or DAO terms anymore.

Web 3.0 is in its infancy and similar to the evolution of Web 2.0 from comprehensive web pages to applications, we could witness various innovations in the new technological age.

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