All you need to know about ApeFest right here!

Everything you need to know about ApeFest right here! – Mail Bonus

ApeFest is an event hosted by the Bored Ape Yacht Club and organized by the BAYC team. ApeFest is accessible to BAYC and MAYC holders with a marked app ticket (and one guest per ticket if it contains +1). All participants must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license, government ID or passport. It’s running Monday, June 20th, Tuesday, June 21st, Wednesday, June 22nd and Thursday, June 23rd from 5pm to 10pm Pier 17, indoor / outdoor beachfront facilities located at 89 South Street in New York City, hosts ApeFest.

ApeFest will comply with CDC, New York State, New York City and Pier 17 COVID health and safety regulations. Their assumptions can change as they do. This website will be kept up to date and Twitter updates will be sent to @BoredApeYC and @YugaLabs. ApeFest guests will be immediately introduced to new rules.

Promote the safety of your peers! Please do not attend ApeFest if you have tested positive, experienced illness or had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID in the weeks before the event. Pier 17 is an indoor and outdoor location. The roof is completely exposed to the weather and will not be covered, regardless of the weather.

Everything is free for monkeys and their pluses, except merchandise: entrance, lunch indoors and outdoors (in partner food trucks), refreshments and more. There will be no need or need to buy anything in advance.

Our only public event is ApeFest, but on our Twitter account @boredapeyc we will be showcasing the best of what the community has to offer all week.

How to get a ticket

Ticket requests start at 9 a.m. ET on June 8 and end at 9 p.m. ET on June 9. They will work in order upon arrival. Due to high demand, they can not guarantee that everyone will get a ticket. The goal is for all holders and one guest per holder to be able to attend at least one of the four evenings (preferably their best choice). Tickets are available for each person rather than each BAYC or MAYC.

When all available tickets have been requested before each date, or shortly after the request ends, whichever comes first. More information will be available soon. Please note that deleting BAYC / MAYC from your registered wallet would make it unsuitable for ticket sales.

How can I submit a ticket request?

They worked with Tokenproof to identify and distribute tickets securely. To get a ticket,

Download the authentication-safe app from the App Store or Google Play.
Sign up for your BAYC or MAYC wallet ID at This requires signing a message allowing authentication to verify that your wallet has a BAYC or MAYC symbol and accepting the terms – there are no transaction or petrol charges and you do not allow authentication to do business on your behalf.
Follow these tutorial videos for step-by-step registration instructions:
Registration with a desktop computer:
Registration via mobile:
When the ticket window opens, you can request a ticket by linking your wallet and clicking on “Request a ticket” on the website. Please note that deleting BAYC / MAYC from your registered wallet would make it unsuitable for ticket sales.

There is no secondary market for ApeFest tickets and it is forbidden to sell +1 seats. Tickets were not designed to be transported; thus, there is no safe way to do it.

What exactly is symbolic?

tokenproof is a token gateway device that enables secure authentication of tokens. Tokenproof produces a legitimate account ownership certificate by linking the account to the authenticated application on your mobile phone, while the real wallet is offline. Once you sign up, ID will be able to verify your ownership of your property without being linked to your wallet. It will display animated QR code for ApeFest that can be scanned by certifiers. Tokenproof is internationally available for download in the App Store and Google Play, except China.

You can register either before or after booking a ticket. To receive ticket notifications, you need to be registered; therefore we advise you to subscribe as soon as possible. Follow these tutorial videos for step-by-step registration instructions: Visit to sign up with a desktop computer. Registration via mobile:

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