Everything you need to know about the Minimalist Photography Awards 2022

Everything you need to know about the Minimalist Photography Awards 2022 – Mail Bonus

Milad Safabakhsh founded the Minimalist Photography Awards, a non-profit organization run by the magazine Black and White Minimalism. Its aim is to recognize, reward and showcase great photographers from all over the world and introduce them to the professional photography market.

The Minimalist Photography Awards are open to photographers from all over the world, both amateurs and professionals. You may not enter the Contest if you work for the Minimalist Photography Awards or any of their affiliates, or if you work for an award-winning company.

By registering for and participating in the Minimalist Photography Awards, you agree to these terms and conditions. By entering the competition, you agree and agree that the Minimalist Photography Awards may receive your registration information.

The Minimalist Photography Awards 2022 have categories for abstract, aerial photography, architecture, ideology, art, landscape, long lighting, night photography, open theme, photography, portraiture and street art.

All copyrights and other rights belong to the photographer. Each photo used by the Minimalist Photography Awards must have a line of credit for the photographer. Publication is permitted in any publication published by the media sponsor Minimalist Photography Awards. All contestants know that all photos they submit can be used by the Minimalist Photography Awards for marketing and promotional purposes, including in exhibitions, print and digital media directly related to the Minimalist Photography Awards competition, without any monetary compensation. If you win or enter the competition, you agree to be in the winning book.

Participation fees and deadlines

The gallery’s early submission deadline is May 1, 2022 and its deadline is June 5, 2022.
and here’s how much you have to pay for products with early maturity:

  • One photo costs $ 15 USD.
  • A set of two to seven images costs $ 25.00 USD
  • Each additional category (single): $ 10.00;
  • Each additional category (multiple): $ 15.00 (order).

and here are prices for the latest products due on a specific date:
One photo costs $ 20 USD.
$ 30 USD for a set of two to seven pictures
10.00 USD for each class after that (simple).
15.00 USD for each category after that (order).

Go to the website and fill out the form to take part in the competition. Participants must also pay the entry fee and fill out the application form to be eligible for the competition.

Everyone who takes pictures has to submit their work online. It is important to use digital files. Prints may not be used in the competition.

Each artist can submit as many unique photographs as he wants.

You can take pictures with either film or digital cameras.

You can submit your work in as many different categories as you want. Once you have paid the entry fee, you will not be able to edit, add or remove categories.

When the photo was taken, neither time nor date mattered.

Winners must be able to send high quality digital files (at least 3000px wide at 300dpi). This file will only be used to indicate that the image belongs to the owner. Winners who do not meet these requirements will be disqualified and will not receive the prize. They will not have the opportunity to appeal.

To be included in the annual Minimalist Photography Awards book and exhibition, winners must submit a high-quality digital image that is at least 3,000 pixels wide and 300 pixels per inch (dpi).

All entries must be the author’s own work and must not violate the rights of others. All photos submitted must be owned by the sender and everyone on them (or their parents or guardians if they are under 16 years of age) must have given their permission. Also, the participant must not have violated any laws during their photography.

If an individual’s work is selected as a winner or honorary prize, his or her full name will be posted online.

All winners will be able to receive their certificates from their profile at the end of the year. In the new year, all the Witnesses will be finished. If you have not received your certificate within the specified time frame, please email us.

Instructions for submitting images

Each digital image should not be larger than 3 MB. Save the image as a JPG. High resolution (72 dpi), and the longest side is 1,200 pixels.

Name the file the same as the image, such as “Planet Earth.jpg”.

Please do not use an icon in the file name.

You can not put your name, stamp or anything else on the post that could be used to identify you.


With the help of the MPA team, the overall winner and those in first to third place can sell their work as NFT in the Foundation market. Visit this page to learn more about NFT.

The cash prize will be awarded in US dollars through PayPal. International money transfer fees will be deducted from the winnings. There are no other options for people who win prizes.

Things to consider

Judges have been selected to view the entries.

The pictures will be evaluated by category. Winners in each category will be selected from the highest rated overall picture. The decision of the Minimalist Photography Awards is final. Six weeks after the deadline for submission, winners will be announced.

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