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Cruzo is the first multi-chain Web3 platform and NFT marketplace that allows people to create decentralized blockchain-based NFT greeting cards and cryptocurrency gifts. You can buy or send beautiful and funny holiday cards and stories to your friends and family from the site. Sending greeting cards to customers could also help businesses make more money and get more customers.

The main reasons why NFT postcards are becoming increasingly popular are the following:

Reliability: Postcards using NFT technology cannot be lost. Because of the way blockchain is structured, the data blocks keep the information safe for an infinite amount of time.

Security: You are the only one who can find them because they are in your crypto wallet.

Ownership: Due to the ERC-721 standard and blockchain technology, you own the digital asset (the NFT greeting cards) and only you can decide how to use them.

Durability: They don’t fall apart over time like paper postcards do.

Investment: They may increase in value and then you may sell them at a profit.

Collectables: If you can collect them, you can get them to fill out your set.

Utility. E-cards and real postcards may not be as useful in the digital world as NFT greeting cards. As a key to communities or events, as well as certain benefits from your favorite company or influencer, for example.

Who runs the new company?

Denis Stepanov came up with the idea to create a place to buy and sell NFT postcards. He is a sales and marketing expert with a proven track record and extensive experience in creating, implementing and managing sales and marketing of digital products.

In 2020, he assembled a team of very few IT professionals to work on the project. Roman Bobrik, a software developer, was the company’s CTO and main founder. Later, a programmer named Nikita Korshunov and a designer named Jane Makey joined the group.

After doing research, analysis and getting the idea for the project, they pooled their resources and started working on it. They were getting closer to their common goal, which was to get more people to use NFT by creating greeting cards and gifts that are new and different.

What was the idea behind the Cruzo platform?

Denis works in the field of programming and application development. He has seen that the crypto markets for DeFi, gaming and digital collectibles, as well as NFTs, are the ones that generate millions and billions of dollars.

With so many investments coming in, there are more and more opportunities to bring things like money, items, games and art into the digital world. NFT is becoming easier to use and appears in more and more parts of our lives, such as vacations and fun things.

Denis decided to switch to Blockchain greeting cards after he saw these patterns and realized how many reasons there are to give gifts. When paper cards were first made, they were used to send and receive emotions from a distance. In the digital age, there is no longer any need to do this on paper. So you can share your feelings with NFT greetings just like you can with regular postcards, and you can also take advantage of all the other benefits of having NFT.

Imagine a market for paper postcards worth several billion dollars moving into NFT. This would open up new perspectives, new ways of using postcards and the possibility of owning them.

This has become very easy because the Metaverse movement is becoming more and more popular. In the metaverse, people can buy and sell plots of “land”. People can go to places they’ve purchased, add digital items to them, and send invitations. The most popular things to do here are exploring the world, creating a virtual character, and viewing digital art.

Every festival can be celebrated, such as Christmas, New Year, birthday, corporate parties, etc. in the Metaverse. First of all, you can’t have a party without greetings, gifts and party favors. Imagine throwing your own birthday party in a virtual world where you can set off fireworks, let balloons fly, set off firecrackers and pour champagne over your guests. All this will happen in the digital world. This is not just a policy; it is already a fact.

But before you can do anything, you need to find a place to get these digital items. Cruzo NFT Marketplace also took care of that. We will offer everything a person could need for a party on the Web3 platform digital crypto marketplace, including hundreds of NFT greeting cards, cryptocurrency and NFT gifts, NFT party supplies, and bitcoin giveaways.


Who is the platform for?

The project will mainly help the following four groups of people:

1) Users (seekers) are people who want to send greeting cards to show how they feel about someone.

2) People who make things and are always looking for a reliable way to make money. The site could be used to sell more artwork that has been converted into greeting cards.

3) Business owners or marketers looking for ways to retain customers longer or sell more gift cards.

4) NFT collectors who want to find rare items (understandable).

What is Cruzo talking about?

The Cruzo platform allows you to spread happiness and solve a number of problems at the same time.

Possession of digital content (cards, greetings): On the Web2 website, digital e-cards can be purchased to send as gifts, but cannot be sent until the service is paid for. But neither you nor the other party has this card. The rights are still owned by the website. With NFT, you can own a postcard like this and do whatever you want with it (keep it in a collection, resell it, put it up for auction).

Blockchain technology gives us the opportunity to make digital greeting cards more useful. They could be valuable collectibles with benefits to their owners, items that can be bought or sold on the secondary market, keys that can be used to enter a location, or they could just be stored in your cryptocurrency wallet.

postcards from the past If you want to change the game in the market, you should offer something new. We have NFT greeting stories to appeal to a younger crowd (mobile-first). It’s a brand new way to tell a story that can be drawn in 2D or 3D and is easy to share.

Every user wants to spend less time looking at options: “I want to send a greeting, but I don’t have time to search and choose.” The problem will be solved by a smart AI event manager. How? Follow us to stay updated.

Onboarding New Crypto/NFT Users – Everyone knows and understands how to say “Hello”. But what if the person you want to send money to doesn’t have an encryption wallet? This is no problem. Cruzo lets you send someone a message or gift even if you don’t know where their wallet is or if it doesn’t even exist.

Digital Gifts: You can now give bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies as unique holiday gifts or use them as gifts. In Metaverse, you can also give NFT gifts like teddy bears or greeting cards. All these are new trends that Cruzo is bringing.

Fair pricing for NFTs – How often do you wonder why some NFTs are more expensive than others? We give you an algorithm that calculates the actual NFT price based on what users do with the content, such as likes, shares, bookmarks, and used sales. This section is not required. It can be turned on or off as needed by whoever made it.

The problem with current web2 sites is that users do not interact with them enough. We add gamification to the greeting card industry (gift2earn). You can now get paid to congratulate people and send them congratulations. This is probably the first time this is possible in the greeting market.

Climate change: People have already moved a lot of operations to blockchain. We bring people gifts, cards and greetings. This is what you will do to protect the environment. Reduced carbon emissions and got rid of paper, colors and travel.

Cruzo as a remedy

Cruzo DApp users can send and share NFT greetings on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, Tik-Tok and Telegram, among others. Also have access to:

  • Cards that can be bought and sold
  • NFT says hello.
  • A good person to host an event
  • Imaginative NFT invitations
  • Sharpess (fair price of NFT)
  • Gifts in NFT and Crypto
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