APENFT AUCTION Five Vanity Fair NFT covers

APENFT AUCTION Five Vanity Fair NFT covers – Mail Bonus

Singapore / June 10 / – APENFT and Valuart completed the first Vanity Fair NFT Cover Drops on Monday, May 23rd. The collection, which consists of four 1: 1 editions of NFT and a 1000 coin edition of the original “HE Justin Sun 2022” edition of NFT, marks a true crossover collaboration between the arts, entertainment and crypto industries.

Four of the NFTs were offered on the APENFT marketplace from Monday 23 May to Monday 30 May at 19:00 GMT. Initial bid was placed on 1500 TRX, approximately $ 120.

At the end of the auction, all four NFTs were engaged at an incredible hammer price:

  • Say the words I can not say: 310,000 WTRX ($ 25,420)
  • Plum Thief: 310,000 WTRX ($ 25,420)
  • Ludwig: 322,888 WTRX ($ 26,476)
  • Ratty Portrait: 299,999 WTRX ($ 24,599)

The fifth cover with Exclusive Edition HE Justin Sun was on sale at a fixed price of 999 TRX, approximately $ 80. NFT, entitled “HE Justin Sun 2022”, was founded by Valuart to celebrate the entrepreneur and his unique year. The artwork, which consists of a series of stylized portraits of HE Justin Sun, is an ideal symbol of the crypto movement that revolutionized the world of art and entertainment. The community-based NFT will be available in a larger collection and must become a valuable treasure trove for the APENFT ecosystem.

As of Tuesday 31st of May, the HE Justin Sun Exclusive NFT cover is still available for purchase. Vanity Fair NFT cover dedicated to HE Justin Sun, 2021.

Vanity Fair NFT cover dedicated to his excellent Justin Sun, 2021

The four catchy covers, Say The Words That I Can’t Say, The Plum Thief, Ludwig and Ratty Portrait, are designed by four talented artists, carefully selected by Valuart and Vanity Fair for this entrepreneurial initiative to support digital art.

Valuart worked on this collection carefully to find artists who were truly representative of the growing cryptographic art movement and worked closely with Vanity Fair to provide the works of art with a well-deserved presence on the magazine’s iconic digital cover.

Say The Words That I Can’t Say was created by The Isolationist and represents the value of art to express what cannot be put into words. The Plum Thief, envisioned by Coup of Grace, is a visual journey through an ordinary but ridiculous scene in a café. Ludwig, a work of art by Von Doyl, is an experimental process with 30 different deep neural networks, which reproduces the famous original portrait of Beethoven, with the aim of capturing the essence of his music. Ratty Portrait, imagined by Matteo Ingrao, is a unique study of reinventing the physical characteristics of the human body to achieve a person’s self-acceptance.

APENFT offers a variety of options to final bidders in four 1: 1 NFTs, including:

(1) Vanity Fair physical magazine and annual subscription;

(2) Standard version of the Genesis NFT logo from APENFT;

(3) TRX symbol air droplets;

(4) Invitation to all VIP events and shows offline APENFT in 2022.


Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, APENFT is backed by the underlying TRON blockchain technology, with additional support from the world’s largest distributed storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS). At the heart of our role, APENFT aims to facilitate the creative economy while encouraging both financial and cultural integration into the meta-universe. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate both the virtual world and the real world. APENFT Foundation is the first NFT art fund in the world to handle crossover purchases. We aim to bridge conversations between stakeholders in the traditional art world and the digital art community that form around NFTs, promote inclusion and diversity, broaden our multimedia group and increase the participation of all members. In the future, our collection will be made accessible to the whole community through a series of online exhibitions in metaverse.

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