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APENFT Marketplace announces Launchpad with First IGO Project Bunny Planet – Mail Bonus


Singapore, Singapore / July 20 / – APENFT Marketplace has announced the official release of its Launchpad with its first opening game offer (IGO) for Bunny Planet, winner of APENFT and TRON GameFi Hackathon.

Launchpad APENFT Marketplace is designed to take the platform to the next level, stimulating recording and growth. Bunny Planet, winner of the APENFT GameFi Hackathon, will be the first project to perform IGO when Launchpad launches. This month, the game will launch its first open beta phase after the emergence of the Bunny NFT sale exclusively on the APENFT Marketplace.

The opening platform is widely accepted as an indicator of the capabilities of the platform, it also shows the vitality of the cryptocurrency market. Start-up area represents an opportunity for high-quality project cultivation and rewards for early investors and content creators. Investors enjoy a captivating and fun experience, thanks to the mystery box defined below.

Introducing the Launchpad platform enhances APENFT Marketplace’s fundraising capabilities, enabling it to create a more diverse NFT trading market including a distributed platform for investors, project owners, authors and collectors.

Since its Mainnet debut on April 15, APENFT Marketplace is committed to providing a better NFT business experience. The Developer Sprint and TRON101 Project are offering $ 2 million and $ 90 million in prizes, respectively, to encourage more developers to the APENFT Marketplace.

Following the launch of Mainnet, the platform brought over 100 high-quality projects with over $ 10 million in trading volume. The platform will maintain its zero-fee policy and offer NFT air drops in the TRON ecosystem as a way to give users back their trust and support for APENFT.

Launched on TRON Online, Bunny Planet is a blockchain-based game inspired by CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity. The collectors are called T.Bunnies and can be used in Player vs. Player. Environment (PVE) / Player vs. Player (PVP) battle. Players can cultivate and collect T.Bunnies on Bunny Planet, join hands in PVP / PVE battles, and use their setup techniques to compete with other players. To use these techniques and compete, each player needs at least three, but no more than 12 T.Bunnies. The game also includes a fate system where players can sacrifice rabbits to gain unique resources to improve their teams.

Players can also get resources by winning battles or seasonal tournaments. This is all through the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. These resources could be used to cultivate and improve your T.Bunny team, as well as create your own area on Bunny Planet. Bunny Planet is now in the first stage of its evolution, which includes alpha testing. After its IGO, it will begin beta testing. During the beta test, it will hold an open tournament with big prizes.

Mystery Box

The rarity of T.Bunny is determined by its rare genes in high tests. There are four different rarities for genes: C, R, SR and SSR. For example, if T.Bunny has 11 C genes and 1 SSR gene, then its rarity is SSR, whereas T.Bunny with 11 SR genes and 1 R gene is SR rare T.Bunny. All T.Bunnies in the mystery boxes are at the SSR level during the initial sale, with a minimum of one to a maximum of six SSR genes. The rarer the gene that T.Bunny has, the stronger T.Bunny will be.

Highlights of the project

One of the newest highlights of Bunny Planet is its breeding system. There are a total of four T.Bunny classes: warriors, knights, wizards and priests. Their factions depend on their roles in battle. Each T.Bunny has a total of 12 partial characteristics and the partial characteristics of each T.Bunny consist of one dominant gene and three subordinate genes. T.Bunny classes with 12 genes of its components will be determined by their parents with a clever agreement on TRON.


Among the 12 genes of the T.Bunny components, four genes have special abilities, while the other eight genes have inactive properties. Thus, there are a total of 60 different skills and 120 inactive properties; with unlimited methods, players can try to form their T.Bunny team and win prizes against others.

Players can win P2P-based resource prizes by winning battles and season tournaments. These resources can be used to cultivate, train and develop your T.Bunny team and build your own team to conquer Bunny Planet.


Bunny Planet uses hybrid tokenomics models between both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The username is $ BYT and NFT are the Bunny Planet characters, which also gives players access to Bunny Planet’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Players will be able to use $ BYT in Bunny Planet metaverse to expand their NFTs.

$ BYT is a TRC-20 variable symbol without team / investor / advisor, it’s all reserved for the community. $ BYT can mainly be obtained by winning battles in PVP / tournaments. Players need to use $ BYT to cultivate, buy in-game, improve endurance, upgrade technology, and engage in many other gaming activities in the future.

To learn more about the APENFT Marketplace launch features and tasks, please visit the APENFT Marketplace website.

About APENFT Marketplace

Officially registered in Singapore on March 29, 2021, APENFT is backed by the underlying TRON blockchain technology, with additional support from the world’s largest distributed storage system BitTorrent File System (BTFS). At the heart of our role, APENFT aims to facilitate the creative economy while encouraging both financial and cultural integration into the meta-universe. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate both the virtual world and the real world. The APENFT Foundation is the first NFT arts fund in the world to handle cross-purchasing. We aim to bridge conversations between stakeholders in the traditional art world and the digital art community that form around NFTs, promote inclusion and diversity, broaden our multimedia group and increase the participation of all members. In the future, our museum will be made accessible to the whole community through a series of online exhibitions in the meta-database.

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