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The excitement for NFTs is approaching a point. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon, as well as big business, invest heavily in the digital world. People wonder why these categories are so popular when they see what’s going on there.

To understand, people need to go back to 2014, when the first inflexible symbol, or NFT, was created. NFT are blockchain-based tokens that validate digital assets. This makes them a great way to track the owners and creators of music, art and movies and make sure they get paid.

So making money is not the main reason why these famous people have invested hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in NFTs. Many people are interested in these digital avatars because of what they stand for: independence for artists, participation in a common community and connection to the digital world.

One of the most important new products on the market is Btok, a community network that aims to connect people with the blockchain world. Btok users will be able to connect with other blockchain fans and investors, as well as get the latest project news first-hand. This is how NFT connects people to digital communities.

With the acquisition of the most expensive Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on the market, the platform is diving into NFT in the first place as a super application that serves the needs of people in the blockchain. Ape # 7537, with brown skin, closed eyelids, dull lips and a bandolier that only 2% of the collection has, is now the brand ambassador for the blockchain social networking app. This monkey was sold at 1024 ETH, which is the same as $ 1,240,000.

Maintain a strong position in the blockchain industry

Like other blockchain social media, the Btok platform has become more popular because it stores user content on the unchanged accounting of the distributed network. This allows users to avoid censorship and have complete control over their content. In line with this development of the industry, it is not surprising that Btok has built a community of over 10 million blockchain users and over 1 million groups. The platform itself is a door into the world of blockchain.

On the other hand, Btok wants to go much further by connecting all parties in the blockchain ecosystem and providing users and project owners with solutions. Users will be able to do more than just use instant messaging (IM) as a great one-way blockchain platform. Instead, people will be able to do things like learn about new blockchain projects, participate in airdrops, and transfer cryptocurrency.

Since it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones, social media is proud of how easy it is to use. To join Btok, users only need to add a phone number. This step gives them access to the blockchain community. Users can get help from more than a thousand business contacts. Some examples are Bithumb Global, Binance, Huobi Global and LBank.

Growing group of users

The number of people using the Btok social media app has grown from 2 million to over 10 million and the amount of money it brings in has grown from $ 15 million to $ 50 million. With good results already under the belt, the team talks about its goal of becoming one of the largest social media in the world, with a BAYC member at the forefront.

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