Best Fiverr Gigs to start 2023

With every passing day, there is more
and more competition on Fiverr. Top
sellers dominate this platform and make
it difficult for new entrants to earn
To make it simple for you, we have tried
to collate several hot selling gigs for
you. These gigs will help you earn some
extra money if you are planning to enter
the Fiverr business.
#1. Designing: Logos, Banners,
Cartoons and Social Media
• Graphic or Logo designing:
This is one of the simplest and best
services to be offered on this platform. It
is very quick and straightforward for
someone to create a graphic if he is
talented in graphic designing, photoshop
etc. People can create more than 50
logos in approximately 4 hours, which is
around $200 in profits.
• Banner ads:
You can find banners of much better
quality at fiverr compared to large
design companies who charge you more
than $30.00 for same service. People
find the designers on this platform and
create a long term relationship with
them. If you mix this with log designing,
than you have the potential to offer two
of the best gigs to the buyers.
• Cartoons:
If you have the ability to create cartoons
of people, than you have the opportunity
to access a large market. Although this is
not as profitable as banner ad or logo
design, but the sales are usually quite
high here.
• Social media:
People often buy graphic designs for
their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
pages like their Facebook fan page
timeline cover photos. I even have a
friend that purchased one for his
Facebook fan page!
#2. Video formation – Controlling –
Intro/Outro – Infographic Videos –
humorous Videos
If you have nice video controlling and
editing software and can integrate effects
into video, then you will be able to
accomplish all of the above.
In Intro/outro creation, once you get the
after effects, you may look at some
tutorials on YouTube and make some
basic intro designs and sell them to
people for $5.00. Once you have
produced a video project it will take you
one minute to add in the person’s text,
after that you just have to assemble the
video and you will be good to go.
Infographic videos: They are currently
in high demand and are simple to create.
There are plenty of WSO software that
let you to create infographic videos with
a significantly lower amount of time.
You simply have to apply text and click
on compile.
Humorous videos. Hot girls or strange
men only! If you choose into either of
these categories then you will be able to
create hilarious and funny videos where
you hold a sign for $5.00 or do
something crazy for $5.00. You can hum
happy birthday to somebody or you may
even give them a sexy dance. Get
Controlling and Editing. The biggest
pain on a daily basis for a YouTuber is
editing. Editing is simply one of the
fastest ways to profit using Fiverr.
Provided that you’ve got speedy internet
and superior editing software, you can
have a consistent amount of buyers.
#3. Voice Acting
With a high quality microphone and a
radio voice, you can create a voice
acting gig. Using a high quality
microphone and a pop filter allows you
to deliver studio quality sound to your
Fiverr service.
One of the most simple ways to earn
money on Fiverr is probably through
Voice acting. This is mainly because it’s
so straightforward to control and
provided that you have got a high quality
microphone, you will be able to do
wonderful things in a short period of
#4. Writing – Articles
If you can write 10,000 words per day
then creating a Fiverr writing gig will be
allow for consistent profits.
Articles. People are always looking to
purchase 50 + gigs from someone who is
good at writing and has a quick reply
time. There is a lot of money to be made
in the article writing industry. You’ll
need twenty consistent and reliable
clients to be able to earn a full wage
from writing articles.
Sales copy. If you are actually an
excellent copywriter and you are not
interested in writing 10,000 to 20,000
thousand words per day then you can
look into writing sales copy. This will
include the things like sales videos, text
on ads, sales pages and landing page
#5. Quality check – Article Editing
Quality check/Proofreading of the
articles is also another a solid gig to do
on Fiverr. There are not many users on
Fiverr who offer great proofreading
services for articles, eBooks and sales
copy. Numerous gigs uses automated
software to just confirm for spelling
errors. The reason why people need
proofreading is not only for spelling, it’s
for the content flow and the grammar, so
by using automated software there will
be no value provided to the buyer.
This makes space in the market for
people who enjoy proofreading and
editing content. You can charge around
$5.00 for $500.00 – 1000 words and
maybe add $5.00 for every 1,000 words
#6. WordPress Problem Solving
If you can solve problems and errors
with WordPress; then Fiverr is the right
place to sell your service. WordPress
problem solving gigs are constantly
earning money. They sell loads of gigs
and the jobs usually take a short period
of time to complete depending on your
prowess with wordpress.
#7. Business suggestion – Marketing
Giving people guidance and suggestions
on business, advertising and marketing is
another good gig to do on Fiverr.
People are always happy to see what
$5.00 can get for the advice on their
business. Most people who give
services like this have some pre
designed templates that they just use
over and over again.
#8. False Likes, supporters,
Favourites & Shares
False social presence is a multi-million
dollar industry that has been in the trend
do to the boom in social media
marketing. If you can get your hands on
the correct software that creates and
verifies Twitter and Facebook accounts,
you can easily earn lots of money using
There are many programmes that create
fake Twitter accounts that will follow
anyone you tell them too. It can create
thousands of Twitter accounts in a few
minutes and you can tell them all to
follow, like and share or retweet. This
makes it easy to provide a service like
#9. ShoutOuts On Social Media
If you have a big Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram or Tumblr following, you can
offer shoutouts to your buyers. It only
takes a matter of seconds to tweet a
message to your audience and as far as
your audience are real people, buyers
will keep coming back for more.

#10. Marketing – Banner Ads –
leaflets –Links.

You can also earn money by promoting
people’s business, websites social
profiles and blogs using flyers, leaflets,
banner ads and links

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