Bill Gates shows apathy and rejects NFT and cryptocurrencies

Bill Gates shows apathy and rejects NFT and cryptocurrencies – Mail Bonus

Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates recently rejected the idea of ​​investing in cryptocurrencies and NFT-based projects. In fact, instead of taking a diplomatic stand, Gates made a direct statement that he viewed the NFTs as hypocrisy and stupidity. At the climate conference, Bill Gates spoke about digital assets, referring to previous criticisms.

Bill Gates on NFT and cryptocurrencies

At the 2022 Climate Conference, Bill Gates reiterated that “expensive digital images of monkeys must save the world.” But this was not Bill Gates’ first ironic remark about cryptocurrencies. In fact, at an event in Berkeley, California, Bill Gates said he was not interested in the short-term or long-term asset class. Unlike previous criticisms, Gates’ comments on cryptography have now become more direct.

Previous review by Bill Gates

In 2015, Gates pointed to the urgency and difficulty of hiring engineers in Silicon Valley to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a conference. Of course, a billionaire like Elon Musk has a different view on cryptocurrency and NFT. However, he understands the fundamental concerns of NFTs and digital assets and how they might not be the right solution to combat climate change.

Long-term applications for NFT and cryptocurrencies

In a broader sense, Bill Gates is probably aware of the fact that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply in recent months. Not to mention that an elite NFT collection like BAYC has lost significant market value. You can view these cancellations in the context of US inflation. This, in turn, has succeeded in stopping withdrawals from lending platforms.

Growing popularity and concerns about cryptocurrencies and NFT

In line with NFT and cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to overestimate the popularity and cost-effectiveness of both. Yet there are concerns among billionaires, inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders about how NFT and cryptocurrencies serve the best interests of the global financial system and the ecosystem as a whole.

Efficient digital banking

Gates, on the other hand, continues to defend its position in support of digital banking through its various charities. In fact, Gates describes digital banking as 100x more efficient and effective than cryptocurrencies. Similarly, someone like Michael Bloomberg also supports revolutionary start-ups and energy projects.

A common perspective on NFT and cryptocurrencies

For most, it was not surprising that Bill Gates showed complete indifference to the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFT. Market analysts believe that Gates does not feel the need to promote NFTs and cryptocurrencies. And part of that has to do with the mechanics of technology and its long-term impact on the environment.

The Greater Fool’s Theory

But at the 2022 climate conference, Gates’ ironic remarks began to surface on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, Gates understands that unchanging symbols have had a profound effect on entrepreneurs and business leaders in a variety of industries. But at the same time, Gates’s cryptocurrency and NFT characterize more stupid theories through a lens, indicating that someone pays more for property than is needed.

The theory of greater stupidity usually refers to people who invest in highly overvalued assets despite the underlying value. In this theory, the investor hopes that someone else will have to go in and pay more money for it. At present, Gates maintains that cryptocurrencies have no real value and do not add much to the international community.

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