Bitcoin, Bukele and a number of central bankers meet in El Salvador

Bitcoin, Bukele and a number of central bankers meet in El Salvador – Mail Bonus

This week, 44 central bankers from developing countries around the world are attending a conference in El Salvador to discuss financial adjustment, SME financing and Bitcoin (BTC).

Representatives of central banks from Ghana to Burundi, Jordan to the Maldives and Pakistan to Costa Rica came to San Salvador for the conference at the invitation of Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador.

Representatives’ countries marked in orange. Source: Twitter

The conference is organized by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, an international policy alliance, and in collaboration with the Central Bank of El Salvador, which lasts for three days. Í quackEl Salvador’s Governor, Douglas Rodriguez, shares:

“El Salvador is proud to receive representatives from 44 central banks and financial authorities to learn about the introduction of Bitcoin and policies to promote financial participation.”

Rodriguez’s boss, President Bukele, said he was “planting seeds” among the 44 deputies while tweeting a group photo of the leaders:

The team behind the Bitcoin Beach project was also present, to educate central bankers. Bitcoin Beach, El Zonte, was the birthplace of Bitcoin Law, a grassroots movement that led to the first nation to adopt Bitcoin.

Nicolas Burtey, co-founder of Galoy Money – the company that built the Bitcoin Beach wallet – said: “After spending a day with these central bankers, I can say: there is still a lot of education to be done.” Burtey continued:

“[The] the vast majority have no idea about the potential of bitcoin. But since El Salvador is taking up Bitcoin, they now have reason to dive into it.

Burtey and his team spent the day talking to central bankers and showing them how to use Bitcoin Lightning wallets and send payments. Progress was faster – so fast, actually to Burtey tísti: “We can not go fast enough on board the central banks to #bitcoin with BTCBeachWallet.”

Pictures of begging events, where central bankers carefully learn how to send payments and create wallets.

Currently, only two countries around the world have recognized Bitcoin as legal tender: El Salvador and recently the Central African Republic, which was subsequently shamed by African central banks for adopting cryptocurrencies.

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For some commentators, such as Dan Tapiero of the 10T Holdings investment fund, who told the Cointelegraph in an interview: “I do not have cash,” the El Salvador conference on financial adjustment is important. He suggests that the United States may need to achieve this:

For hardcore Bitcoiners, though, the opportunity to make a joke about the event was just too great. Gigi, Bitcoin author and author of Bitcoin book 21 lessons, tísti “If they continue to use Bitcoin, they will not be governors much longer!