Bitcoin long-term hodlers start a "spread" that was ahead of the BTC price base

Bitcoin long-term hodlers start a “spread” that was ahead of the BTC price base – Mail Bonus

Bitcoin (BTC) remained tight on June 4 as traders’ demands for a new macroeconomic low continued.

BTC / USD 1 hour candlestick (bit stamp). Source: TradingView

Long-term owners start “distribution”

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed that BTC / USD stuck between $ 29,000 and $ 30,000 through the weekend.

The couple had managed to wake up to almost 31,000 dollars the day before, but the last business meeting on Wall Street this week paid for the bulls’ experiments.

As “off-peak hours” markets offered thin volumes but little volatility, the eyes were on its potential direction as an inevitable breach.

“The weekly digging of Bitcoin looks nothing short of scary and so the trend continues. I think we will get a little stronger this time before it finally falls,” Crypto Tony announced on part of a series of squeaks.

A further entry reiterated the target between $ 22,000 and $ 24,000 for Bitcoin when this forecast decline took over.

“I’m looking for another drop down to $ 24,000 – $ 22,000, but of course distribution takes time. So we could be hovering around this support area before it just drops,” it said.

Others made the most of their weaknesses, including the popular Twitter account Cryptotoad, which announced a policy of raising $ 27,000 and below what would be a “low swing” for BTC / USD.

As the Cointelegraph reported, there are other sources that closely monitor lower lows for Bitcoin ranging from chain analysts to well-known experts such as former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes.

Adding fuel to the fire was data from the CryptoQuant chain analysis platform, which indicated that long-term owners were starting to get rid of the tank in the classic bear market.

“The holder’s long-term abandonment phase has begun,” Edris, a contributing expert, said in a June 3 QuickTake marketing update.

Commenting on a table of long-term owners’ earnings ratios (SOPR), Edris compared the situation that preceded the generational bottom in the history of Bitcoin. These included the bear markets in 2014 and 2018, as well as the COVID-19 cross-market collapse in March 2020.

“Currently, long-term owners are entering the offseason phase and selling at a loss, which indicates that the smart money accumulation phase has begun and the next few months would offer a great opportunity for long-term investments in the market. read the post.

It stated that such a surrender event “usually marks the end of many years”.

Bitcoin long-term holder SOPR clear chart (screenshot). Source: CryptoQuant

Stock exchanges still see large purchases

Indicating that some were already buying the dip, meanwhile, exchange data showed that outflows have been hitting inflows significantly in recent days.

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According to the glass analysis company Glassnode, on June 3, the net flow from the main stock exchanges totaled -23,286 BTC, the highest since May 14.

Bitcoin Flowchart Exchange. Source: Glassnode

By discussing long-term holders’ behavior earlier this week in its latest issue of The Week On-Chain, Glassnode targeted the chain’s chief analyst, Checkmate, as well as categories of investors with the least interest in selling.

Specifically, those who bought near the highest levels in November 2021 “appear to be relatively price sensitive,” he wrote, adding that the investor profile was increasingly made up of such stubborn hodlers.

“Despite continued price reductions and a high resolution of 80k + BTC, they are reluctant to release their coins,” he added.

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