Blockchain MMORPG Cosmic Universe releases an introductory gameplay trailer early on

Blockchain MMORPG Cosmic Universe releases an introductory gameplay trailer early on – Mail Bonus

Cosmic Universe, a world-renowned MMORPG developer in the development of the Harmony blockchain, has recently released its original concept for gameplay promotion.

The gameplay link provides an insight into the fantasy world of the upcoming game, where players explore an attractive and comprehensive stylized 3D world and embark on tasks related to knowledge in the game. The introduction is only a brief introduction to only part of what the game will look like in the final form. Harvest and construction mechanics are expected to be revealed soon, according to the game’s team, as well as direct integration into the game with the Harmony blockchain.

The game’s developer has now released a 10K NFT collection called Cosmic Wizards, which are playable 3D characters in the game itself, as well as 7,060 maps on the first map, Cosmic Island, which provides symbolic ownership of the game’s assets. . Both NFT libraries quickly sold out due to the passionate fan base and community that formed around the game since it first announced its ambitious plans to develop one of the only existing blockchain MMORPGs. These NFTs, and others, can be used by players to increase both opportunities and rewards within the game.

The game has already released a tentative version of Character Staking, which involves upgrading Wizard NFT in two professions out of a possible 12 up to 20 levels out of a possible 200 when the entire game is released. This NFT betting program currently provides daily MAGIC rewards for players who have gone through the process of opening and updating their Wizards, through the game’s NFT Marketplace. Cosmic Universe also has a MAGIC publishing house for players who support the project by adding liquidity to the symbol’s liquidity.

The Cosmic Universe ecosystem is powered by the MAGIC and COSMIC icons, launched on Harmony in 2021. The game is being designed as a fantasy open world MMORPG and metaverse where players explore, harvest, build, search, trade and form social communities. Cosmic Universe is one of the first blockchain games to create MMORPGs that traditional gamers have become accustomed to seeing and playing, except with the benefits that blockchain technology provides, such as the in-game symbolic ownership of the game. All assets in the game, including characters, buildings, resources, land and more, will be represented and can be sold on the game’s native market.

Finally, Cosmic Universe plans to expand the game to become a multi-planet, with alien new races and environments emerging as demand and player growth increase. Initially, one planet, Crypton, will be named after the cryptocurrency space inside it, which contains seven islands, each of which is home to a unique root species. Wizards, fairies, monkeys, dwarves, cats, trolls and Yetis, all of whom have their own 10K NFT collection of playable characters, will call the planet their home.

The project team has announced its roadmap for the full release of the game in early 2023, including pre-alpha, alpha and beta releases before the full release of Cosmic Universe is available, as well as the 10K Elves NFT Collection scheduled for release in June 2022.

To learn more about the Cosmic Universe, visit their Web site and go to their Discord server.

About Cosmic Universe

Cosmic Universe is a 3D open world fantasy blockchain worldbuilder MMORPG. Based on the fast and cheap Harmony blockchain, Cosmic Universe combines the benefits of blockchain technology, including symbolic ownership of the game, with the gameplay power of Unreal Engine 5. Being one of the only MMORPG games being developed with blockchain integration, Cosmic Universe is positioning itself to be a leader in the blockchain gaming industry.

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