Blockchain remodels the IP base with a Web3-ready design

Blockchain restores the IP base with Web3-ready design – Mail Bonus

In modern society there is no shortage of ideas, new ones emerge every day, if not every hour. Ideas, on the other hand, are much more powerful than they seem on the surface. Think about how a concept can become a reality – a new technology or a solution to a huge global problem – with little money and the help of a strategic team. With so much at stake, it is not surprising that the need for recognition of ideas becomes a human trait.

Unfortunately, it is rather uncommon for the original concept designer to be overlooked and the story is full of examples of this. In 1871, Antonio Meucci invented the first voice communication device, even though Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The difference between the two is that, unlike Alexander, Antonio did not pay the full amount needed to record his invention.

The saddest thing is that the advent of the phone was not a unique event. In a more modern example, Meta (formerly Facebook), which has grown to become the world’s largest social media site, was the subject of a lawsuit when the Winklevoss twins accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing an idea. The twins said they had teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg to help bring his idea to fruition, an experience that was said to have encouraged him to open his community website wisely.

These historical examples suggest that one’s ideas (or intellectual property) are not secure on their own. Rather, in the world of stolen achievement and unjustified creditworthiness, one point becomes important in confirming ownership.

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs), for example, are a distributed technology that directly addresses these issues. Each NFT is built with the ability to maintain unchanged ownership of a single data object. InvArch is a leader in building a new architecture for Web3 that will allow the use of NFT for IP on a larger scale. To contribute to the discussion, one of the team members provides the following information: “Instead of trying to specify rules on how to maintain IP, InvArch has completely revised the foundation of IP, which makes it possible to change rules to empower and protect people. in the future. The Internet, like the rest of the world, is evolving and IP addresses are no exception. “

The platform now has three protocols, which enable the network to provide consumers with as fluid a system as possible.

Web3 IP is based on this foundation

The Invention, Involvement, Inventory and Investment (INV4) protocol is one of these protocols and provides a framework for all assets on the InvArch network. These properties could be any Web2 files, folders, or permissions that many are already aware of, which are then merged into Web3’s unchangeable and variable icon technology.

In fact, the IPL board, part of the IP licensing protocol, shows this. A library of IP-related copyright treaties is provided by the board.

Users can choose from a variety of exclusive, non-exclusive and exclusive trademark, copyright and trade license agreements. Users will find perpetual terms and features as they browse through agreements, as well as native licensing agreements such as The Unlicense, MIT License and General Public License, or the opportunity to submit a custom set of terms.

To increase the efficiency of the roadmap

InvArch has seen some progress in laying the groundwork for Web3 IP, including a grant from the Web3 Foundation, approval of the Substrate Builders Program, and a recent $ 1.75 million initial funding.

The introduction of Kusama’s Tinkernet parachain, the Polkadot (DOT) version of the InvArch network, and the distribution of their GitArch application, which can be defined as a distributed superpowered GitHub, are all on the team’s schedule.

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