Citi and METACO are creating digital asset storage

Citi and METACO are creating digital asset storage – Mail Bonus

Through this partnership, Citi’s large storage network and METACO technology are combined to create a platform that enables customers to maintain and repair digital assets quickly and securely. Citi intends to fully integrate the METACO Harmonize platform in the banking category for digital asset management and custody in existing infrastructure. This enables Citi to create and test digital assets.

Existing investment assets are becoming more digital and new digital assets are being created from scratch. Okan Pekin, Citi’s International Head of Securities Services, said: “We are witnessing the increasing digitalisation of traditional investment assets as well as new digital assets. We are innovating and developing new opportunities to support digital asset classes that are becoming increasingly relevant to our clients. “

Using its current technology, operations and service policies, this strategic partnership enables Citi to add digital assets to what it already can. Citi will be able to grow safely and successfully into new areas thanks to the strength of the Harmonize platform and its large international network. This is because Citi already has international operations, technology and a risk framework in place. Citi’s Institutional Client Group’s digital asset policy will depend heavily on the technical capabilities of this relationship.

Adrien Treccani, CEO and Founder of METACO, said: “We are excited to work with Citi, one of the best securities services companies, to help them connect digital and traditional assets.” This task is to calculate how organizations will use digital assets.

METACO is the top technology provider for financial institutions in the digital asset ecosystem. It has helped with some important implementations, including those involving institutions managed by FINMA, BaFin, FCA, Banco de Espaa and MAS.

Citi Securities Services provides clients with in-depth knowledge of local markets, advanced processing technology and a wide range of custody and fund services that can be tailored to their needs. Citi Securities Services owns, manages and trusts more than USD 27 trillion in assets and has a unique network that connects 63 markets and is the best in its field.

About Citi

Citi is the largest bank in the world. It has about 200 million customers and trades in more than 160 countries and regions. Citi offers a wide range of financial services and products for people, companies, governments and other groups. These include consumer banks and lending, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, business services and asset management.

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METACO is a Swiss technology company founded in 2015. Its goal is to help both financial companies and other companies run their digital assets securely and make money in a growing digital asset market.

Harmonize, the company’s flagship product, is a platform for harmonizing digital assets. The platform makes it easier for institutions to connect to the new world of distributed finance. It handles everything from storing and trading cryptocurrencies to identifying, mortgaging and managing smart contracts (Defi).

METACO has proven to be the Tier 1 banking standard in real-world use with international custodians, stock exchanges, private banks and all-round banks. With the help of software, technology and infrastructure solutions, financial institutions can store, trade, publish and manage digital assets with the utmost security and speed.

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