Cointelegraph Research Terminal opens, home to important cryptographic data reports

Cointelegraph Research Terminal opens, home to important cryptographic data reports – Mail Bonus

Cointelegraph – one of the oldest cryptocurrency companies, founded in 2013 – has launched the Cointelegraph Research Center. The research center will be conveniently located in one place to find previous industry analysis, high quality research reports and access to exclusive databases. The website is live and subscriptions to the top features are active.

Cointelegraph Research has produced some of the best in-depth analyzes of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, and meets developments before they hit the mainstream. One of the latest official reports from the Cointelegraph Research Terminal is on gaming finance, asking: “GameFi: Can blockchain-based gaming redefine the industry?”

It can be difficult to stay ahead of the process in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space, but Cointelegraph Research has found a solution to this problem: the Cointelegraph Research Terminal.

The research station

Cointelegraph aims to combine the rigorous experience of cryptocurrencies expertise with capabilities from all areas of finance, economics and technology to bring to market the first source of industry reports and intuitive analytics. The Cointelegraph Research Station will be one station that will start by focusing on three main areas but has plans for more in the future.

The three areas of the first emphasis must be to provide collections of previous research reports, access to existing top-level reports and sources of databases with updated information on all areas of the cryptographic space.

Public reports

Cointelegraph Research has been producing reports since 2020 on a myriad of materials that can provide insight to a discerning investor. The research center will make all these previously prepared reports available to subscribers.

Reports such as “Security Token Report,” “Polkadot: The Foundation of the New Website,” “Does the future of distributed finance still belong to Ethereum?” and “Nonfungible Tokens: A New Frontier” are just a few examples of the variety of topics that will be offered at the Cointelegraph Research Terminal. The overwhelming response from customers was that they wanted even more, which was part of the incentive to create the new services found in the Cointelegraph Research Center, such as premium reports.