Digital artist Dave Plowden created Max Garage NFTs to help the world

Digital artist Dave Plowden created Max Garage NFTs to help the world – Mail Bonus


Dave Plowden started Max’s Garage as an NFT project to connect the NFT space with charitable groups. In recent years, NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have popped up quickly, showing that the digital world is here to stay. With Max’s Garage, Plowden wants to dispel the notion that NFT companies are just get-rich-quick schemes. He wants to reach the IRL (in real life) community with his work using the rapid fundraising capabilities of NFTs.

How the books came together

“First Road Trip,” a collection of songs, was Max’s Garage’s first release. The 20 icons in the first collection each show a GIF of a hand playing with a toy car. Each NFT in the collection is unique, creative and attractive, with images of the cars that make up our communities that are funny and interesting.

Behind each painting is a unique story that inspired this witty and easy-to-understand collection. Plowden’s close friend’s son Max gave him ideas for the pictures. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Plowden saw that children with autism like Max needed programs and organizations, and he wanted to use his artistic skills to help children through organizations. Max’s favorite toys are cars and fire trucks because he likes to roll them and watch them move. Plowden made Max’s Garage in response. It shows Max’s hand or the hand of one of his friends playing with a toy car.

Change the tone of the NFT world

Max’s Garage has different goals and ideas than most places in the NFT area. Dave Plowden didn’t build this museum to get rich. Instead, all the money received from the sale of NFTs goes to charities that help children.

In April 2022, Plowden pledged to donate all the money raised from the Max Garage 1st Road Trip collection to the Pittsburgh chapter of Best Buddies International. On April 22, 2022, the first Road Trip collection was released and sold out in 15 hours. After that, a car auction was held for Max’s fire truck. It was sold to Cindy, whose Twitter handle is @Cindyth1 nft, for $2,969 USD (1 ETH at the time). Plowden also worked with Ira Magnusson’s Ugly Sweaters, another NFT project. On April 24, Plowden made an honorary NFT of two bears from Magnusson’s collection traveling in a VW-style van. Best Buddies Pennsylvania received nearly $7,600 from Max’s Garage’s first Road Trip collection.


“Creating Max’s Garage showed me that there are great people in this world who wanted to support what I started,” said Plowden. Mike Cannings and Ashley Bestos of Lyke Island, a growing NFT collection, contacted Plowden to offer support for Max’s Garage’s debut and a $1,000 donation to Best Buddies Pennsylvania. The copyright from “Pippin’s Farm”, one of Lyke Island’s NFTs, was borrowed. In the first Road Trip collection, Plowden used the green tractor as a utility vehicle.

On May 23, 2023, Dave Plowden and Max took the check to the Best Buddies office in Pittsburgh. Executive Director Samantha Civitate met them. The $7,638.49 raised for Best Buddies Pittsburgh will pay for a cooking competition where well-known Pittsburgh chefs and people with intellectual disabilities will work together to learn new cooking skills and have fun.

The one who made the whole collection

David Plowden is an artist living in New York and works as the marketing manager for the FITCRUNCH protein bar company, which is owned by chef Robert Irvine. His ability to reach people, get them involved and be creative have all combined in this project to create a truly important collection. He has been in the marketing business for over 15 years and has always loved painting and making art. Despite his difficult childhood, as an artist he has always made an effort to help people through his work. The main thing he wants to do is help and serve kids in need.

What is the next step? Keeping good will alive

In September 2022, Plowden plans to send out a group of food trucks on the 2nd Road Trip. All money raised will go to No Kid Hungry. After that, there will be a Christmas toy drive at the end of the year. The goal of the initiative is to grow and reach as many people as possible. It has a big heart and a lot of creative ideas.

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