Do You Think This Is The End Of The Road For Azuki NFT?

Do you think this is the end of the road for Azuki NFT? – Mail Bonus

Unexpected news has undermined confidence in the NFT community. Before the designer Azuki NFT launched the successful Azuki NFT collection, he said that he had previously failed with three previous NFT ideas. The developer said he was the main culprit behind CryptoPhunks, Tendies and CryptoZunks, which Zachxbt, a Web3 researcher, claims are all blankets.

The founder of Azuki NFT posted a link to the blog “A Builder’s Journey” on Twitter (@ZAGABOND). “Azuki is creating for the future of web3,” the text adds. We are in this together for the long term. In order for Web3 to be competitive with Web2, developers must experiment with new methods. Azuki was developed using lessons learned from Phunks and other projects. This lesson is “Lead, do not follow.”

CryptoPhunks was the first inflexible symbol (NFT) created by the founder. Phunks appears to be CryptoPunks from Larva Lab. From a simple parody collection, NFT space creation has grown into a movement that represents something much more.

According to the authors of the project, participants discussed restrictions on Web3 copyright. Larva Labs then sent a DMCA removal complaint to CryptoPhunks. As a result, the collection was permanently withdrawn from sale and re-listed on OpenSea.

According to its designers, the Azuki NFT was the result of numerous unsuccessful attempts. is the source of the image.

The founders of Tendies, the otherwise unsuccessful NFT project, said the result “looked too much like turdens. He added that the coin experience in Tendies was meant to resemble the purchase of chicken offers from a fast food restaurant. Similar to the project, only 15% of the collection was actually minted.

Finally, the creator of CryptoZunks continues his parody of the Punks with his new initiative, which focuses on the “mini-experience.” In a blog post, he described the current 1000 Punks as a collection of punk combinations that have never been seen before.

Due to the high cost of gas Ethereum had to cancel the project. The inventor explained the failure of the project due to lack of community support and the disappearance of key players.

Is the founder of Azuki NFT accused of dismissing unsuccessful projects?

In addition to highlighting the history of the Azuki NFT and the lessons learned by its founders through their NFT companies, the blog has attracted critical attention from the NFT community. Twitter user and Web3 researcher @zachxbt accused founder Azuki of “toughening up three projects in less than a year”

According to Zachxbt, CryptoPhunks, Tendies and CryptoZunks are all rugs. He supported his claims through the chat with tweets from other individuals. In August last year, @PaulOx tweeted that Zunk programmers had earned more than $ 2 million by imitating women.

A month after its debut, the Tendies author stopped all activity and deleted social media and the Discord server, according to another screenshot of the post. Finally, another article on how there was no delivery when the Phunk coders left yet the founders made about 300 Eth.

Except for its creator, Cryptophunks did not have a happy ending. This photo was posted on Twitter by zachxbt.

The founder of Azuki NFT responded to the zachxbt forum by saying that they had fulfilled all their obligations due to unsuccessful projects. This does not mean that the product market does not exist, but that does not mean that it is a carpet. ”However, the general public does not seem to be convinced.

There has been some controversy surrounding Azuki NFT, but the founder’s allegations about the carpet threaten to ruin the project. What will happen to Azuki NFT now? We have no choice but to wait and see what happens.

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