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In partnership with The Crypt Gallery, Dream Downtown, a high-quality boutique hotel known for its great nightlife and restaurants, will host New York City’s first and only physical NFT art exhibition in a hotel setting on Monday, June 20th. More than 70 digital screens are installed in the hotel’s main lobby and Swing Room, making it one of the largest permanent NFT galleries to date. Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown is a new place to find some of the world’s most famous digital artists, as well as aspiring artists, established collectors and important community projects. It is open all the time and always has something new to see.

The first time Dream Hotels and The Crypt Gallery worked together was in Los Angeles. In July 2021, the first physical NFT art exhibition was held in Dream Hollywood. King of Midtown, an art collector from New York who created The Crypt Gallery and was a pioneer in NFT, came up with the idea of ​​connecting the physical with the metaphysical, creating real experiences and relationships and creating unforgettable moments when buying or exhibiting digital art.

Since its inception in 2021, Dream Hollywood has worked with The Crypt Gallery to host a number of events and activities. These have included artistic drops, community gatherings and visits from celebrities such as Ice Cube and Liam Payne. The new NFT art exhibition in Dream Downtown is based on the success of the brand’s previous collaboration and shows that Dream Hotel prides itself on innovative design and creativity.

Crypt Gallery and SuperRare, the first-of-its-kind marketplace for unique, collected NFT artwork, teamed up for a two-day presentation party, which was one of the most important NFT.NYC events of the week. The NFT.NYC event week will feature more than 60 of the world’s best-selling and most talented artists. On June 20 and 21, the famous NFT artists Six n Five, Vhils, DotPigeon, Nessgraphics and Archan Nair are scheduled to attend the two-day presentation party.

Chevrolet announced its move into the Web3 world by having Xsullo create an NFT work inspired by the Corvette Z06 which will be offered on SuperRare and shown at the Crypt Gallery in Dream City. The gallery’s focus is on reviving the digital market. It has information about the artist and the project, as well as original artwork and live offerings. The winner of the auction will receive both digital NFT from Own the Color and a truly unique Corvette. The money raised from the event will go to DonorsChoose, a non-profit organization that helps public educators pay for STEM education and teaching materials.

The two-day introductory event will feature the famous Vandal Gummy statue by Whisbe, a live performance of the legendary comics Rob Prior and Ryan Benjamin, a professional cartoonist from Marvel and DC Comics and a special appearance by Nadya from Pussy Riot.

Randy Taormina, vice chairman of Dream Hotel Group’s operations division, said that art and creativity were built into Dream Downtown’s development. “Patrick Marando created our unique American flag beer can wall and GirlKnewYork, Bradley Theodore, Yung Jake, Saatchi Art and Mobe have all exhibited their work in our pop-up galleries. We have always thought of the hotel as a cultural center where visitors and visitors can learn about a wide range of artists. “Together with The Crypt Gallery, we are starting a new and exciting course in art programming.”

The founder of Crypt Gallery, King of Midtown, said: “We are pleased to be growing Crypt Gallery at a time when both the traditional community and the online art community need leadership and new ideas.” “By going on this trip with our friends, we may be able to show how other people have also helped to develop the NFT area. My goal with The Crypt Gallery has always been to bring together artists, collectors and fans for a close acquaintance and experience, with an emphasis on naturally building community connections and educating new audiences. We are excited to work more closely with Dream Downtown, where we want to be a key venue for NFT education, exhibitions, culture and personal events, given the NYC cultural environment, the Meatpacking District, the companies that work there and their love of art and creativity. “

Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown is one of the many technology projects the brand is working on. It uses current trends and interests to provide its customers with a unique experience. Dream Hollywood will announce the launch of its Social Club membership program on June 24. The program will combine real power plants and Metaverse events created by the famous 3D artist Perry Cooper and will only be available through NFT. The Qatari Dream Doha hotel, which is about to open, will offer similar membership plans later this year.

Dream Downtown Crypt Gallery will be open until 2023.

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