EFFORCE Launches Public Sale of Genesis NFT Inspired by Steve Wozniak

EFFORCE Launches Public Sale of Genesis NFT Inspired by Steve Wozniak – Mail Bonus


EFFORCE has announced the general sale of its first energy efficient NFT machines.

Inspired by Steve Wozniak, founder of EFFORCE (co-founder of Apple), these NFTs will fuel a new era of energy efficiency projects and contributors to the Web3 community.

Steve Wozniak, founder of EFFORCE and a former engineer at Apple, said: “EFFORCE is focused and working hard to complete the goals and vision set when we founded it.

“Starting today, anyone will be able to work with the community and directly support energy efficiency projects.” Improve energy efficiency equipment, their structure, significantly reduce energy consumption and impact on the environment in the world. Most importantly, everything will be done through a completely decentralized and transparent system thanks to blockchain.

A new type of NFT

As we mentioned in our recent interview with CEO Paolo Pastore, EFFORCE has been working on a new type of NFT tool.

Energy efficiency NFTs are based on the concept of “Proof of Contribution” and are tools used to implement improvements needed to make businesses more energy efficient.

In return, NFT holders become investors in energy-efficient companies, carefully researched by EFFORCE, and return in mWOZ based on the company’s savings.

The NFT acts as proof of contribution and allows the investor to redeem their investment position at any time, when the wheels of the project are in motion.

EFFORCE CEO Paolo Pastore said: “Using NFTs as proof of contribution to energy efficiency projects allows us to create a new market and keep these contributions liquid – as long as there is demand for them.”

“This was not possible before: money deposited would have been locked up for the duration of the project with no possibility of getting it back before the end.” Now, by selling NFTs, participants can easily exit their positions.

Steve Wozniak – Apple and EFFORCE founder

Investment in energy efficiency

EFFORCE will start selling 2,500 Genesis NFTs per project.

To invest in either of the two projects selected by EFFORCE, you need to own the WOZX token. This is your key to access NFT’s energy efficiency.

The first project is a 180 kwe combined heat and power plant. It is part of an undisclosed company effort and will operate over 8,000 hours per year to meet the company’s refrigeration/air conditioning needs.

In addition, it will self-generate 1.4 GWh per year in electricity.

The price of NFT is 210 USDC and users need to lock 400 WOZX for each coin. In addition, the project has projected awards of 735,000 mWOZ.


Project number two is an EEP (Energy Efficiency Project) for an undisclosed company that will provide 60% of its electricity needed for a sewage treatment plant.

It will also provide heat to a sludge drying plant, reducing up to 80% of the weight of disposable sludge.

That project has an expected reward of 665,000 mWOZ and the price for this project is 190 USDC, which requires a locked 380 WOZX token per mint.

Rewards for WOZX token holders

WOZX token holders are required to lock their tokens for the duration of the project.

Locked tokens provide rewards that come from 1% of the platform’s savings generated by approved energy efficiency projects. Furthermore, rewards are proportional to the number of tokens locked.

Every EFFORCE NFT is a proof-of-contribution NFT with utilities attached, providing holders with rewards that come from saved energy from the company that received the contributions.

Moreover, Genesis allows NFT holders to participate in a private sale phase for new projects published on the platform. NFT holders can order an amount of NFTs equal to the number of Genesis NFTs they have.

Finally, NFT holders get a discount on WOZX usage, including depositing/using less WOZX to generate NFTs in the future.

Inspired by Steve Wozniak

NFTs issued by EFFORCE are inspired by co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The artwork will be revealed after the actual implementation of the project, along with the NFT pledge contract going live online.

Both current projects will have at least one unique piece of art and some rare/ultra rare pieces.

What happens when the project goes live?

After the companies implement the requested switch to a more energy-efficient system, the mortgage contract will go live on the blockchain.

That contract yields mWOZ tokens (mWOZ represents 1 USDC of energy saved) equal to the reward generated by energy savings per month.

Crucially, users can convert mWOZ to USDC through another chain contract and create liquidity.

There is a minimum APR of 8% for up to 40% after five years. As a result, a minimum of 1.4 million mWOZ tokens will be distributed to NFT holders if the Genesis NFT coin sells out.

Moreover, unsold NFTs will be removed from the market and burned. Rewards tied to EFFORCE’s capital will be kept by EFFORCE and allocated to other energy efficiency projects.

For more information on Steve Wozniak’s Web3 revolution and the energy efficiency of NFTs, visit www.efforce.io.


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