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Fans will be able to take part in and shape Elvis’ future on Blockchain.
As part of the Elvis-On-Chain program and the NFT fall, Run It Wild has teamed up with Elvis Presley Enterprises to try to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) record for most Elvis impersonators in Decentraland, one of the biggest metaverse. In February, you can sign up at events.decentraland.org for the GWR Elvis Block Party Decentraland event. Follow @elvisoncchain to find out what’s going on right now.

The current GWR record for most Elvis imitators is 895, which was set in Cherokee, North Carolina, in 2014. The Elvis Block Party in Decentraland will try to break that record by having the most Elvis imitators.

“Elvis Block Party will be the first and largest party of its kind in Decentraland. Katie Jones, head of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the company that owns Elvis Presley Enterprises and Iconoverse, says that metaverse has no limits and gives fans of “The King of Rock and Roll” new ways to share their love for “King of Rock” “On a large scale. Personal events, on the other hand, are limited by distance and travel.

Hopes and dreams of Elvis Block Party

Elvis fans from all over the world will come to the Elvis Block Party to celebrate the music, dance, clothes, cars, movies and the permanent heritage of King of Rock & Roll. The party will be at a place called Decentraland. Through a drop of air, participants will be able to get an Elvis theme to wear as a wig and costume. The official GWR judge will announce the assessment on the basis of important rules for the first world nations that have been set.

The Elvis Block Party in Decentraland is part of a larger Elvis-On-Chain program to give fans ownership of the Elvis dome and direct access to it. This puts the power in the hands of fans but keeps Presley’s legacy alive forever.

Important Elvis Genesis NFTs

Buyers of the 1935 unique Elvis Genesis Key NFTs will not only get their own Elvis-themed Decentraland wearables, but they will also be able to opt for future versions of the dome and change Elvis’ future on the blockchain. There are clothes, records, cars, jewelry and digital artwork that have never been seen before in the Elvis dome.

Discord for members only will offer voting rights for upcoming museums, special events and the opportunity to talk to other fans who like the same thing.

Showing items that belonged to Elvis


Part of the money raised by the NFT drop will be used to buy Elvis-related items, which will be inspected at the chain. The souvenirs will be displayed at NFT exhibitions, pop-up shops and galleries online and offline.

The owners of Elvis Genesis Keys will be able to get both real and virtual tickets for these showcases and will also be able to choose which items are purchased and where they are shown.

This way of collecting relics also makes it possible to share ownership of these mythical assets in the chain in the future. This would give people who own Genesis NFT early access to collectibles they could not have bought on their own.

“These NFT devices give super-fans many new ways to connect with each other more deeply and intentionally. Adam De Cata, CEO of Run It Wild, said that allowing fans to vote on what will happen to Elvis’ dome “puts the power back in the hands of fans and gives them a personalized club experience on the chain.

Inspired by the glittering lights of “ELVIS,” which became famous in his legendary Comeback Special ’68, which premiered on December 3, 1968. This is a moment most people consider to be the highlight of his career.

Each NIS Elvis chain will be unique and can be used in different ways. Changes in the color and brightness of pears make them rare and unique. Each light bulb from the 1968 Comeback Special light set has been carefully copied on a chain and will continue to shine forever.

Run It Wild (RIW) has signed with Guinness World Records (GWR) for most of the Elvis impersonators in Decentraland. Depending on the final terms of the GWR-RIW agreement, Elvis-on-chain will give the GWR judge the most important criteria he or she needs to set the highest record.

The GWR Elvis Block Party Decentraland event will take place on February 28, 2022. At events.decentraland.org you can find out more.

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