Enhance your movie experience with Metaverse and NFT

Enhance your movie experience with Metaverse and NFT – Mail Bonus

We all watch movies. And as we can clearly see, they have evolved a lot nowadays, becoming irreplaceable experiences. From sound, a clear picture to a famous 3D experience and interactive films, films are mass-produced to give viewers unique moments.

Technology is advancing and its impact on movies is considerable. Many of you may have heard of the metaverse experience, which offers the opportunity to enter the virtual world. But what if movies were merged with Metaverse and we could be part of the action?

Metaverse is a three-dimensional, highly interactive virtual world. Just like in the real world, Metaverse users can switch between land, buildings and other digital objects and explore the space with their own avatars.

Metaverse is the next big thing in technology, in fact a three-dimensional version of the Internet.

However, it still has a long way to go before it becomes widespread and popular with the general public. And to increase engagement, metaverse platforms should focus on user experience and lower barriers to entry.

Metaverse has several advantages:

  • It connects the world and eliminates physical distance;
  • It offers an overwhelming experience;
  • It provides excellent online social interaction and new business prospects;
  • And has the potential to push the social media concept to a new level.

In addition to what we have just mentioned, Metaverse can also improve games, online learning and education.

First, it becomes interactive, comprehensive, ultra-light realistic and works in real time on multiple screens. The very idea of ​​Metaverse has a significant impact on in-vehicle entertainment, which is already undergoing a major transformation.

In terms of film production, it has a huge impact on Metaverse filmmaking. Avatars can be used to record in a virtual environment, or scenes taken in the real world can be projected into Metaverse. This will reduce the demand for live venues, staff and key recording equipment such as lighting and sound.

NFT and the film industry

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT are digital tokens that are typed on a blockchain. They are unique and secured with a blockchain. Their exclusive right attracts most of them, which is what Indian filmmakers are trying to take advantage of.

Recently, NFT movies have become a great way to promote movies. And now, with the help of multi-D NFTs, the creators can represent 3D animated images and invite them to the audience.

What is multi-D NFT?

Multi-D NFT is the invention of Kleks Academy. Each multi-D NFT is a 3D animated NFT with multiple sides containing graphics and information, offering a new way to experience a movie.

The owners of the multi-D NFT films will get a wide range of unprecedented benefits, for example – the opportunity to visit the filming during production or appear in the film. There will also be a special augmented reality app that allows multi-D NFT holders to interact with the image itself.

Other examples of amazing benefits are the opportunity to own original gadgets and costumes used in the film or have access to special images and an exhibition of the director’s haircut.

What brings NFTs into the fun?

Blockchain-based digital assets, NFT, are a hot product in the entertainment industry. Everyone claims that the technology and whole entertainment companies base their operations on the cryptographic and Web3 foundation.

NFTs work like digital exchange cards or art – unique collectibles that can be acquired and sold in their most common current form. While some see the rise of technology as fashion, others are not ready to miss out on potential new revenue streams, and the heaviest hits of the entertainment industry are hitting and buying NFTs of their own.

What’s next?

Whether we’re talking about Metaverse, NFT or multi-D NFT, the future of movies looks very good.

We can adopt new technology that takes the movie experience to a new level. Imagine how our modern technology can help the new generation experience this magic beyond the silver tent.

For the first time, the movie experience can offer the viewer a chance to take part in the adventure.

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