Environmental groups urge US government to take action against crypto miners

Environmental groups urge US government to take action against crypto miners – Mail Bonus

A group of eight environmental organizations have called for different government agencies under Biden’s control to implement new methods of responding to proof of work (PoW) and other cryptographic training.

In a letter to the US Office of Science and Technology on Monday, the Environment Working Group, Earthjustice, Greenpeace, League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Seneca Lake Guardian and Milwaukee Riverkeeper urged the White House to set a policy to curb “electricity consumption” and climate pollution related to digital currencies on which to rely [PoW]. ” In particular, the organization claims that cryptocurrency mining in the United States has harmed communities by creating increased demand for electricity from fossil fuels, threatening supply chains with demand for user-integrated integrated circuits in drilling rigs, creating significant electronic waste and would not “assist in shipments. for renewable electricity. “

The group of eight suggested that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) subject PoW mining companies to a “rigorous audit” in connection with an operating license “to reduce damage due to the disposal of large amounts of cryptocurrency”, in addition to addressing allegations of noise pollution caused by námuborpalla. In addition, they requested that the Office of Management and the Budget Information and Control Office establish a register of many PoW mines in an effort for companies to “disclose their energy sources and quantities.”

Other recommendations included the Department of Energy implementing energy efficiency standards for PoW miners, with restrictions tightening overtime “to eventually eliminate” evidence for mining work. However, the biggest question seemed to be directed at the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Securities Trading Committee, where they demanded that the Financial Supervisory Authority restrict cryptocurrency transactions to the listing of digital assets that meet certain “environmental and electricity standards”, as well as pressuring “misleading claims”. on the environmental impact of digital currencies. “

“Requiring listed exchanges to list only digital assets where trading uses electricity below a certain energy-saving standard would force innovation or transition to other methods of legalization,” the environmental group said.

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As the cryptocurrency space continues to grow with many investors in the United States, industry leaders and lawmakers have stepped up to address issues of financial risk as well as the potential impact of the Bitcoin mining (BTC) environment. In April, a group of 23 members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to the EPA stating that “the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry needs to be held accountable” and claiming that “cryptocurrency mining is poisoning our societies.

The Bitcoin Mining Council responded in a separate letter written by Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy CEO to EPA Director Michael Regan on May 2, claiming that a group of lawmakers had lost some key points. The industry leader put an alleged misunderstanding of “energy production facilities” that cause pollution, not BTC mining itself.

The New York government is considering a bill that could ban all new PoW mining facilities in the state from using carbon-based fuels to power its operations. Both the Sierra Club and the Seneca Lake Guardian have pushed back the operations of the mining company Greenidge Generation Holdings at Seneca Lake State.