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  • Goblintown.WTF NFT increased from 0 to 2.5 ETH per NFT.
  • The project has exceeded the $ 50 million club.
  • Goblintown broke the Otherseed sales record ($ 22.85 million within a week).
  • It could be a valuable investment (+ 30% over the past week).

The NFT market is known for making fun of itself with memes. These can range from simple slang terms to validated memes. And the recent NFT market collapse brought another new opportunity for the NFT market. Goblintown’s rise is proof that the NFT space can turn even adversity into opportunity.

Let’s take a brief look at this new trend.

What is the Goblintown NFT Project?

Goblintown seems to be an NFT project. If you visit the official website, it has no information to offer. There is no white paper, guide or social platform for you. However, a Twitter account. All the reason Goblintown is getting the spotlight is because of this Twitter account.

The access featured sound clips with catchy music and goblin voices that became popular. With retweets, people also decided to take on the role of Goblin NFTs.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Goblintown NFTs are available on Ethereum. It originally started as a free NFT with 10,000 NFT available. However, it has reached a value above 2.5 ETH with its growing popularity.
  • The Goblintown project also took away 1,000 NFT for whatever reason.

The joke about the NFT market crash

Goblintown became an emotion, a revolution, a period and an idea. How then? The Gblintown edition gave people the opportunity to make the most of the market.

The NFT market has not been successful since the beginning of this year (2022). And there have been some crashes from Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) to blockchain and NFT project crashes. Everything looked black and lifeless. Still, people kept going.

Even Goblintown’s website says, ‘Wait, damn it.’ Which could be taken as “Wait” for either the website or the NFT marketplace.

In any case, people went crazy with the newly discovered NFT which became their way of expressing their feelings. People went from tweeting things like “Throw everything to zero” to posting artwork and memes related to Goblin’s unhealthy urination everywhere.

As disgusting or chaotic as it sounds, Goblintown has given a new image to even the market crash.

How is Goblintown repainting the NFT market?

It’s too early to judge whether Goblingtown is good or bad. Because people were finally moving to a value-driven NFT era. The authors tried their best to provide value or backup for their NFT projects. Then came Goblintown without a white paper, a road map or some information.

Many users have commented on how ugly or useless these NFT devices seem. Yet they are increasing in value.

Here’s our assessment of why it works:

1. Back to basics

Before NFT images became popular, they were simply digital art. People bought them because they liked it or not. Some of these NFT devices exploded and became trendy. Yet there was nothing like value, economic factors and other factors.

Goblintown uses the basic method of the first generation NFT that we got back in 2021.

2. An interesting story

When you visit the website, there is nothing until you get the ‘Fuck’ Enter ‘button. After that you see an sms conversation between the two grumblers – Urka and Garfs.

The text conversation uses broken language, words and phrases, where an attempt is made to imitate the goblin style. Yet it just works.

The interactive website and video also work.

3. No greed

As mentioned above, Goblintown started as a free currency project where you only have to pay the petrol fees. It grew in value on its own, thanks to an aftermarket like OpenSea. The original website does not ask you to pay anything.

They also only ordered 1,000 NFT because they wanted to. No explanations, no people, nothing. Just straight to the point because they could do whatever they wanted. This played positively on the people.

The overall judgment

Some people are against Goblintown because they think it’s a slap in the face to anyone trying to provide value through their NFT projects.

Meanwhile, we can not ignore the fact that Goblintown has kept the NFT market alive. It could very well be the breeze we needed to revive the NFT world. The project could help revive the market after the crash.

They could very well still increase in value in the secondary market or become one of the short-lived NFT. It could be as big as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Apes. That could be the new symbol for NFT Market Crash – A Goblintown. Because that’s what the market has become in recent weeks.

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