How to Build a Top Selling Fiverr Gig

We have gathered a few pointers to
create a top selling Fiverr Gig. Let’s
start with the basics.
How to Create a Gig?
1. On the top bar, click “Sales” tab
2. Now click on the “Create Gig” tab
on the right side of the page
Few important pointers to remember:
• A Captivating Title
Explaining everything in the title would
make it look too cluttered and may even
cluster up the words in the link. So, the
best option would be to keep the title,
straight, direct and crisp. When you are
doubtful in your selection of words, you
may search for help from Google
Keyword Planner. This would help you
with the most searched keywords in
• Choosing correct categories
Your gig should be placed in a correct
category and sub-category. A gig that is
related to shoes won’t make any sense in
the kitchen category. Also, make
different gigs for different categories.
• Displaying images
All the images of your gigs are uploaded
in the gig gallery. Always consider
following pointers while uploading the
images in this gallery:
– Format should always be .jpeg
– Size should not be greater than
– Size in pixels should be 682
(width) x459 (height)
– You should have the copyright
of the image you are uploading.
This should not be picked from
some other platform or any
place where you do not have the
authority or copyright.
• Description
The description you provide should
include all the possible information that
is useful for the buyer. You can use
bullet points to better explain your
services. This would also ensure that
you haven’t repeated anything in the
description. The most important point to
remember would be that the description
should be limited to approximately 200
words or 1,200 characters only.
You also have room for creativity while
you are formatting the description. So
you can choose your own font size, font
weight etc. You may even opt for text
highlighter option to boost the
• Tags and Keywords
You can use up to five tags in
combination of multiple keyword.
• Your Video
The pointers you should remember while
creating a video are:
– Size should be less than 50 MB
– Video should be of a high
quality or HD quality
– Length of the video should be
in the range of 15 (not less) to
60 (not more) seconds only.
– Should have a background
soundtrack, for which you have
the copyright. This can be a
music or a voice over.
– Should have the statement,
“Exclusive on Fiverr” either in
text format or heard clearly
– You should have the copyright
of all the images or footages or
music you use in the video.
Please remember, all the videos are
reviewed by the Fiverr team, before
being made public.
• Feedback
Normally people do not leave feedback
for the seller unless they are prompted to
do so. You may add a postscript in the
delivery templates. Here, you can
request the buyers to rate your gig as
“thumbs up” if the gig was valuable.
Trend says approximately 80% rated
thumbs up, whereas remaining 20%
didn’t rated at all.
• Money-Back Guarantee for
You can include a money-back guarantee
on your gigs. If a buyer gives you a
“thumbs down” you may offer to cancel
his order. As soon as the cancellation
offer is accepted, the refund would be
initiated and the negative ratings from
that buyer would disappear.
But, you have to be very careful that the
cancellation statistics are not visible
publicly. High amounts of cancellations
may turn out to be high risk transaction
or a red flag for your prospective sellers
and buyers.

Finding your First Buyer

It is always the most difficult to find
your first buyer. The primary reason for
this is that you do not have any feedback
or any portfolio to support you, and no
one wants to risk their hard earned
money with such a seller. You may
request your family or friends to
purchase some of your gigs. This would
help you in building your portfolio and
also acquire some social proof

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