How to Close the Deal with the Buyer and Seller

The best and only option to close the
deal with a buyer or a seller is to be
quick and prompt.
As a Seller:
you should be quick:
– in replying to the email queries
questions of prospective buyers
– In responding to phone calls (in case
they landed in your voicemail)
– In setting up the time to handover the
item, in case you are not offering
delivery service
– In case you are offering deliver
service, try to deliver the product as
soon as possible.
As a Buyer:
you should be quick enough to:
– Be in touch with the seller, if you
like the product
– Don’t wait or hold on your queries,
as the product or seller might not wait
for you
– Once the deal is finalized, try to buy
the product at the earliest possible
time and create a meeting with the
seller. Due to delay from your end,
the seller may end up delivering this
to someone else as well.

Safety Tips for Buying & Selling on Craigslist

Before you can start on Craigslist it is
essential to remember that there are
some bad people in the world. Even
though they are generally few and far
between – it’s often recommended to take
precautions if you feel uncertain of how
safe you will be in a particular situation.
While posting or purchasing on
Craigslist, make sure that you follow
some of these basic instructions:
Do not post your address
You may send your address to the
concerned person who will be making
the final purchase, but do not post your
address on the listing itself – this may
attract too many people to your
Get in touch with someone before you
plan to meet a stranger
If you are alone while making a purchase
or sale on Craigslist, make sure that
someone knows where you are. Keeping
in contact will ensure your safety.
Be smart
If you are a beautiful woman who is
alone at home, do not tell the guy that is
purchasing your laptop to come on over.
Meet him at the Walmart or at the local
park where it is a public place. Do not
place yourself in a private location with
a stranger. If a situation seems unsafe,
remove yourself from it right away.
If you cannot meet in public, be
Many people are uncomfortable in
coming to someone’s house. So for the
benefit of both, you may set up the
meeting at a common public place.
However, there are scenarios when you
are supposed to call someone at your
home. This can be when you are selling
big items like a couch or a washing
machine and buyer wants to see it
physically, please follow these tricks, to
avoid any unwanted incident:
– Do not close the door at the time of
sale. This would ensure that you can
be heard in case you are in some
– Find someone (friend or relative) to
be with you at the time of sale
– In case you have to be alone, try to
be on the line with someone
– In case you stay in an apartment, do
not disclose your apartment number
initially. Just provide your address
and first meet the person outside. In
case you live in a house you should
have the meeting outside. Remember,
your life and security is important
than the sale or profit of a few
hundred dollars.
Use Google Voice in place of your
phone number
Using Google voice number is the most
advisable option for Craigslist. The
number provided to you will have an
auto router set up to you current mobile
number. In case you start getting
unwanted calls, you have the option to
block them. It is the easiest way to keep
guard your privacy and retain the
comfort of giving your number.

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