How to get free NFT in 2022

How to get free NFT in 2022? – Mail Bonus

NFT technology has been widely linked in the fields of arts, games and distributed funding. A successful NFT collection has many benefits for both authors and investors. Therefore, many are encouraged to enter the market. However, it can cost a lot to buy digital property from a well-known creator due to the high demand in the market these days. To help answer the question of buying NFT, free NFTs have been developed. This article aims to point out ways to get free NFT.

How to get free NFT?

First of all, let’s go over what NFTs are. Unchangeable tokens or NFT are digital assets that exist on the blockchain. Blockchain acts as an official ledger and provides a listing of all activities related to NFT. Anyone is also authorized to verify and identify the authenticity of NFT. As a result, the uniqueness and rarity of NFT can be checked.

As the phrase implies, you do not have to pay for NFT while you can coin it or earn it for example by playing Metaverse games. There are several ways to earn NFT for free. Let’s see how!

Free NFTs through games to earn

The first suggestion to earn free NFT is to sign up for a game based on NFT. Such games are specifically designed to encourage players to trade in NFT. Mainly NFT objects are used directly in the game, objects like weapons, armor, lands, monsters and so on. Players can win the battle or go through competitions to earn NFT directly or collect game symbols and purchase NFT from the marketplace. These NFTs, in turn, help players perform better in the game and earn more native characters or other NFTs. Some games require an initial payment to start and earn NFT; however, there are many free NFT games available.

These games run on Metaverses, where each NFT can also be bought, sold or received as a prize. Plots also serve as NFTs and are usually presented in limited numbers and their cost increases over time. Games like Upland contain plots as NFTs.

Most P2E games run on a blockchain called WAX. This is how you need to have a WAX account. WAX account works like a wallet where you can store the NFT you get by playing. You can trade NFT for other digital assets, cryptocurrencies and even fiat money.

Some earning games also offer free NFT by breeding new offspring, monsters, kittens or horses, for example. Depending on the breed and the ability of the species, they can be sold at different prices in the market. CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity are two popular NFT games with breeding.

2. Free NFTs through giveaway


The easiest way to get free NFT is through giveaways. Most NFT projects, NFT companies and artists share their projects and promote them by announcing free NFT gifts through social networks like Twitter, Reddit and Discord. NFT donations help to introduce new museums and draw attention to new releases as the first thing all NFT enthusiasts need to do is attract an audience. In other words, projects can quickly gain followers among enthusiastic NFT collectors, while collectors can earn free NFT that has the potential to become valuable in the near future.

Users usually need to subscribe to projects, leave comments, tag friends and the like to get the opportunity to get free NFT from giveaways. However, NFT giveaways have their disadvantages. As the number of fraudsters in the cryptocurrency space is increasing, there may be a risk of accepting free NFT from the giveaways. In addition, there is no chance of the NFT giveaway and it’s just a way to get new followers.

There are three more secure sources for participating in donations with a greater chance of getting free NFT art.

  • Twitter giveaway
  • Discords giveaway
  • Youtube Gifts

The following list also introduces some of the best donor organizations specific to areas in the NFT world:

  • Lucky Block – NFT giveaway with $ 1 million in cash and brand new Lamborghini
  • Material World – Win your share of $ 275,000 submissions
  • MECH.GAME – Giving away prizes including 2 ETH and 10 free NFT
  • Wizard – $ 10,000 USDT and NFT giveaway
  • SKULLX – 1 free NFT giveaway worth 0.08 ETH
  • MetaBlobs – 100,000 free NFT
  • PirateXPirate – Monthly lottery draw to win free PXP tokens
  • Jackals Kingdom – NFT game platform

3. NFT Airdrops

Also, some organizations try to raise funds by offering free tokens to their followers and members. These organizations operate on Web 3, which is a blockchain-integrated Internet, so you can trade the free tokens on stock exchanges or marketplaces. NFT Airdrops are therefore used to promote a new product or service on the NFT platform.

There are three ways to get NFT Airdrops: direct air drops, indirect air drops and winning programs. In direct air drops, the agency sends tokens directly to the recipients’ wallets. Indirect airflow occurs when an issuer gives tokens to a third party and pays a third party to give them to recipients. And winning programs allow participants to receive tokens for engaging in promotional activities such as blogging, social media, or posting specific content.

A good example is Open DAO which has released an air drop of its symbol, SOS. If participants shop NFT then Open DAO will give some tokens worth thousands.

4. Remind your NFT

Last but not least, all NFT enthusiasts can take advantage of the opportunity to create their own NFT. However, it could involve some fuel charges to create a new NFT, which could reduce artists as they can be high in major marketplaces such as OpenSea and Raible.

The problem with gas charges could be solved by using blockchains such as Polygon. Layer 2 Polygon allows users to coin, trade and transfer ownership of NFTs basically for free.

Another solution may be Lazy Minting which means minting just in time. Lazy minting refers to the condition that you do not have to pay petrol fees as you coin your NFT list and you are only charged for the fees if you sell your NFT. This approach has been adopted by marketplaces such as OpenSea. It helps reduce expenses and attract more artists to create digital assets in the NFT world.

Do a good search on various marketplaces, learn about blockchain and always consider the market demand, then you are going to beat your NFT.

It’s easy to earn free NFT!

Given the development of the NFT market, it seems good to take part of the market and join it as soon as possible. However, due to hype, the price can be so sharp. But you should know that there are ways to join the NFT world for free and make a profit from it. Hopefully our guide has provided information on how to get started. You can now create your NFT library and avoid high costs.

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