How to make money from craigslist

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online free
advertisements site; wherein the
advertisements range from housing to
personals, from gigs to services, and
from debate forums to “for sale.”
Craigslist can also be termed as an
online replacement of our own classified
section in the newspaper.
This free online advertisement started in
San Francisco (1995), when 42-year old
Craig Newmark set a remarkable mark
in the field of classified advertising. By
2000, Craigslist spread to nine cities in
the U.S. And, by 2009, Craigslist
emerged as a site that hosted 20-billion
page views per month, thereby capturing
the 33rd place on the list of the greatest
websites in the world.
Craigslist is free for its users. However,
there is a cost for advertisers, which is
decided basis the part of country you are
based in. For example, an Ad that costs
$75.00 in bay area of San Francisco
area would cost around $10.00 in city of
New York.
The graphics of this site are very easy,
simple and clear-cut and has almost
remained unchanged since 1995, when it
was started.
One fascinating thing about this amazing
online classifieds is that it has a flagging
system for its users. This system quickly
helps them identify illegal and improper
ads that are posted on the portal. As this
is a free to all site and anyone can post
ads without even having an account, fake
ads are unavoidable and often expected.
To neutralize this, almost any site visitor
can do the flagging.

Getting Started with Craigslist

Craigslist is a helpful tool for people
who are interested in buying or selling
online. By posting and buying on
Craigslist, we can get rid of the
transaction fee and shipping charges.
Apart from that you can have a chance to
meet some wonderful people from your
own community!
Step by step instructions on setting up
a Craigslist account:
1. Visit their website:
2.You would be served with option of
following countries/continents:
a. US
c. Europe
d.Asia/Pacific/Middle East
e. Oceania
f. Latin America
g. Africa
Select your country, state and city (in
subsequent windows) to reach the signup screen. On the upper portion of lefthand side corner, just click on “my
account” link below “post to
classifieds” section.
3.Click on “Sign up for an account”
link on left-hand bottom corner.
4.Type in your email id on this screen
and click on “Create account.”
5.An email will be sent on your email
id (as mentioned on previous screen)
from Craigslist to complete the
account signup process. This email
would comprise of a link, which
would help you in setting up your
account password.
6.On Password setup screen, type the
same password on both the fields and
click on “Submit Password and Log
In” tab. Please ensure that the
password you pick should be of at
least 8 characters.
7. Post creation of your password, you
would be taken to the screen
displaying the terms of use for this
site. Once you have read the same,
click on “I Accept” tab to proceed
further. This would finalize your new
account with Craigslist.
8.To log on to your account in future
just visit
a. Repeat steps 1 & 2
b.Enter your email ID and
password and click “Log In” tab.
You are ready to start using your account
at Craigslist.
9. To post an Ad:
a. On upper left hand corner, from
the dropdown, select your city and
press “Go” tab
b.Identify the ad type you wish to
choose your ad type from the
following screen. The category
options that you would be
prompted to select from, would
be, community, personal, services,
sales items, housing or jobs. Post
selection, just click on “Continue”
tab to proceed.
c. You would be required to follow
the instructions on following
sequence of screens (which would
be according to the category you
d.Once you have provided/filled
all the required information, this
Ad would be posted on the portal
of city you mentioned in

A Profitable Craigslist Business Model

There are a lot of things one should
understand about Craigslist when
someone is planning to sell something on
this site. The main attractions of this site
are its user-friendliness, and free listing
of items to be sold. You can even buy
and get the items delivered quickly as
almost all the deals are local.
Selling Process on Craigslist
Few people think that you may just
throw your items on this site and get
cash in return. This can be correct, but to
be a successful seller and make more
profits, you need to be different from
others and your presentation of products
should also be unique. Here are a few
tips that would be helpful for you for
being a regular and profitable seller on
Research the Market properly
Market research is primarily required to
check competition and to identify the
popularity of your product. This should
not take a lot of time, but surely would
help you identify the probabilities of
your product being sold and tentative
cost. These are the most important
aspects when you are planning to sell
something. In case your item is not
popular, you may hold it for some time
until it is more popular.
In reference to Craigslist, market
research specifically means, locating the
item you are planning to list here. In case
you find a lot of listings, than your
product is common. Here, people tend to
search for common items. However, if
the listings are less (say just 1-2), then
it’s an uncommon product. Other crucial
pointers you need to check here are:
• Pricing for other items
• Description of other items
• How these are different or relate to
your item
Describe your Item in and out
A quality description is something which
works as a salesperson when you are not
there to physically describe your item.
Few question which can be answered
easily with a good description are:
• What is your product?
• Are there any problems in it?
• Are any items missing?
• Is it used or new?
• Pricing
• Your point of purchase
Remember, if you have included a
detailed and a quality description, you
would get a lot less queries. Think of the
information you would be looking for
when you purchase that exact same thing
and make sure to include all those things
pre-hand. You can include:
• Model of Item
• Make
• Brand
• Age
• Add-ons
• Malfunctions
• Issues
• Any such thing that you feel should
be shared with the buyers
Sellers who have poor descriptions
don’t sell well.

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