How to make money from youtube

What is YouTube?

This is a free online video sharing
website. Users from across the globe
have made an account on this website.
They can upload their videos on this
site, which can be viewed by any
person. YouTube was started in 2005.
This portal provides an opportunity for
people to share, discover and watch
original videos.
Some of the features and benefits of
YouTube are:
• Videos up to the duration of 15
minutes can be uploaded to an
account. This can be shared with your
friends and relatives. Videos greater
than 15 minutes can also be uploaded
after verifying the account. A guide to
verify your account is available on the
help pages of YouTube.
• Edit facility of YouTube can be used
to create movies with certain features
and music
• With YouTube’s privacy option, a
limit can be placed on who can view
your videos.
• Archives can be searched for your
preferred clips.
• You can catch up the programs you
might have missed via certain
• You can rate and leave comments on
the movies that you’ve watched.
• You can watch and complete movies
on your computer.
• YouTube’s subtitle and caption
settings can be used. Another
advantage are the High-definition and
3D capabilities.

Chapter 2: Getting Started with YouTube

1.Go to to start. Before
you create an account, you need to
understand a few aspects:
• While opening a YouTube account, a
Gmail account would also be
created. This will show as a normal
Gmail email id ([email protected]).
Here xyz is your YouTube username.
• In addition to this you are also
subscribed to Google+, which is a
social networking site, same as
• Your activities on YouTube would be
different from whatever you do on
other sister platforms of Google.
2.Click “Sign in” tab on the upper
right hand corner on the home page.
3.Click on “Create an account” tab.
This is located just below the login
form on login page.
• If you have a Gmail account, same
credentials would work for your
new YouTube account as well.
4. Fill the required information.
• Your date of birth,
• e-mail address,
• gender,
• user name,
Click the tab “I Accept”.
5. You would be required to provide
your phone number for verification
purpose, when prompted.
6. Type the verification code, when
7. Beautify your YouTube page.
8. Now, you can start relishing the
benefits of a YouTube account. Once
your YouTube account is registered,
you can:
**Create and upload videos to the
community of YouTube.
**Follow and Subscribe to your
favourite YouTubers.
**Stream your favourite online episodes,
tracks or videos.
**Comment and watch videos and get
along with other members.

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