How to make money with Fiverr step by step

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a top marketplace which offers
services at the starting cost of just $5.
The name Fiverr has been derived from
an American Slang where, “Fiverr”
actually means a five dollar bill. Many
people purchase and sell products and
services through Fiverr every day.
The services offered range from
advertisement, social networking and
business promotion to translations,
graphic designing and funny videos.
These are just a few services which are
offered from the wide list of offerings.
These offered services are also known
as “GIGS” on Fiverr. You can easily
search almost for anything which you
were looking for. People across the
world frequently visit Fiverr to offer
their knowledge & services.
Fiverr has lots of users; however, you
don’t need to worry about your data as
it’s totally secured and private. Fiverr
is globally used by freelancers who
offer different services to the clients.
Over three million services are offered
on Fiverr & it’s on the rise
approximately by four thousand services
per day.
Fiverr charges 20% from successful
transactions and if the transaction is not
successful Fiverr doesn’t take anything.
Comparing with any of the other free
lancing websites, you can easily get your
job done on Fiverr and that too with
Nowadays, a lot of individuals are
making their living through Fiverr. Let’s
perform a few calculations at this point,
let’s say you are being paid for ten times
from your Fiverr gig on daily basis, then
you would earn $40.00 ($10.00*4) daily
or $1200.00 monthly, and chances are
high that you would even earn more than
that; however, you need to perform
seriously on Fiverr.

Getting Started with Fiverr

Fiverr is a successful open market for
all sellers & buyers to get their job done
only for $5.00. A lot of individuals don’t
really consider Fiverr as a serious
source through which they would be able
to make huge amount of money, since
their mind frame is that each gig will
only get them $5 & it won’t make a
significant impact on their income.
Though it’s not a huge amount of money;
however, if you are manage to get
approximately 300 orders on monthly
basis then you would earn approximately
$1200 (300*4) in a month.
With just four to five hours of work each
day, a lot of top rated sellers on Fiverr
are actually making more than $3000 per
month. You just need to work smart and
need to be familiar with some of the
techniques that would help you in
achieving the desired target.
How does this site work?
You can sign-up for free and become a
service provider on this platform. You
can become a service provider for a
service you specialize in. For monetary
transactions, you would be required to
link your Fiverr account with your
account on PayPal.
Your buyers would pre-pay $5.00 to
Fiverr, before you have actually started
the work. Fiverr would transfer this to
your account post completion of your
work and receiving a confirmation from
your buyer about the same. So, the
chances of you getting cheated are very
The commission charged by Fiverr for
this service is 20% of your revenue. So,
on every $5.00 job, they get $1.00 and
you get $4.00.
How to set-up a Fiverr account:
Step by step instructions on setting up a
Fiverr account:
1. Visit
2. Click on “Join” link on right hand
top corner. You would be served
with three optioned:
a. Create a new account using your
email address
b. Connect using Facebook login
c. Connect using Google login
3. Click on the option you wish to
select and follow the instructions
thereafter accordingly.
a. Once you have accepted the
terms and conditions (if you
logged in using FB or Google
page) it would bring you back to a
screen, where it would confirm
your username and email ID.
b. Post validating both the
credentials you may click on
“Join” tab.
You are ready to start using your account
at Fiverr.
This platform is an outstanding place to
authenticate your services, products, and
ideas. You can get a rapid response on
your offers and even instant feedback.
This would also help you work on your
sales skills as well.
If your Gigs are prepared and set well,
you can have a high and consistent
earning potential. Few pointers you need
to remember are:
– Do not forget to be in constant
touch with the buyers.
– Keep them happy,
– Answer all the questions that they
may have
– Inspire them to leave “thumbs up”
as your feedback and promote the
same within their group.

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