How to Price your Items to Sell Fast & Make a Profit

You should keep in mind the following
things in order to sell items fast and earn
amazing profits:
1. Set a realistic price.
While setting the price, keep in mind that
irrespective of the condition of your
product, unused, box-packed or new, you
would NOT get the complete price. In
case you want to sell it quickly, chances
of even reaching close to the complete
price are remote.
The one and foremost guarantee of your
product being sold quickly is its
reasonable price. Few things you should
consider while setting the price of your
product can be:
• What would be the cost of this item
in garage sales,
• Check the demand of product you are
planning to sell
• Search other listings/portals like
eBay etc. to check the pricing of same
After considering all the aforementioned
pointers you would be able to set an
appropriate price.
2. Provide a detailed description.
As mentioned in chapter# 2 as well, a
quality description is something which
works as a salesperson when you are not
there to physically describe your item.
All the details specified in this chapter
would give wings to your product. More
the information you include, lesser the
emails you would receive. You would
also make it very convenient for the
prospective buyers to take a decision.
Also, do not forget to include at least 2-
3 good quality pictures. If you can
include more that would be an added
3. Sell your item to the first buyer
with cash in hand.
You should remember that your reason
for being on this site is to sell and earn
profits and not to socialize. So you can
take the liberty of being bit disloyal to
prospective buyers.
Rather than giving priority to someone
who emailed you first, you may scan all
your emails and may give it to someone
who can pick it first. In this way you
would have your cash and buyer would
have his product in no time. This would
also ensure that you are not holding the
product for such a long time for someone who is indecisive.

Step-byStep Guide on How to Create a Craigslist Ad that Stands Out!

A well prepared Craigslist ad would
make sure that the item you are listing is
sold faster and at a high price. A nicely
prepared ad would make the entire
experience pleasant for both of you and
the buyer.
1. Great headlines that capture the
buyer’s attention
• The Title should be short and to
the point
Following pointers should be included
in the title:
o Name of item, i.e. washing
machine, car etc.
o Brand of item (if possible)
o Cost, make sure it is real. Don’t
put an incorrect and lower price
in title and a higher one inside.
Your buyers would lose trust on
o Minimal but important details
like, if you are offering delivery
service, include that (this can be a
deciding factor) in the buyer’s
• Don’t have a lot of details
Avoid mentioning the details that might
drive the customers away from your
product, like old, dented etc. All these
details should be a part of description
and not title. This would ensure that your
buyers would go through your Ad and
may consider your item.
• Make an accurate title.
Your title should be accurate and as per
your product. If you post a fudged title,
buyers may not trust you on the product.
2. Great photographs
Great photographs can save a lot of your
precious time explaining, posting and
reposting your product. Your photograph
should leave a positive impact on the
prospective buyer. Few pointers to
consider when you are clicking a
• Background should be clean and
free of mess
You are mostly dealing with unknown
people here. A photograph with mess in
background would leave a bad
impression on the buyers. They might
assume that you do not take good care of
your belongings, hence may not consider
your product.
Before posting the photograph, just look
it for yourself and see if it would set the
correct stage for your product.
• Take pictures in a well lit place
Always take your pictures in natural or a
well lit place. This won’t leave any
room for assumption and you can even
make sure that prospective buyers do not
skip your product.
Pictures clicked in dark or low light
areas, may raise a lot of questions about
the condition of the product.
• Avoid high resolution and extreme
close-up pictures
Cameras available nowadays take
pictures of very high resolution. Pictures
clicked from such cameras and with
extreme close-up highlight the smallest
flaw in your product which could have
been skipped by human eye. So, as a
suggestion, take average pictures that
represent your product accurately.
3. Detailed descriptions
Be clear and concise in your
description. Do not try to oversell the
• What should be included in
In addition to pointers shared in Chapter
2, answer to following questions would
ensure that you cover almost everything
in your description.
o Does the item works without any
issues? Then write it works
excellent / very well or great.
o Is something not working
properly? Mention particularly
what is not working properly. Do
not hide anything.
o Does it require cleaning? Make
sure you clarify your buyers
whether or not the item you are
selling is clean or requires
cleaning. Mostly people prefer
things which are clean and
maintained properly
o Can the product be seen before
purchase? If you have this option,
you may mention here.
• What should not be a part of
o Your email address. Unless you
want to be a part of hundreds of
spam lists
o You want to sell the item quickly.
This would just give a hint to the
buyer that you can be brought down
on the price part and they will
bargain with you till no end.
o Your address. This won’t help you
in any way but may harm you in
many ways.. So, PLEASE do not do
o Your personal information. As
mentioned earlier as well no one is
here to socialize, but for pure
business, so just stick to the point.
4. Phone Number
Not including your phone number may
keep your product listed on the portal for
little longer. These days, everyone is
very impatient, if they need something or
some information, they need it NOW. If
they are required to email you for some
additional details, they might skip your
product unless you are selling something
unique and rare.
A word of caution, while selling cars
and properties, you should avoid
including phone numbers, or else you
might get flooded by the calls from
dealers or brokers.

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