How to Promote your Gigs to Beat out the Competition

Once everything is setup and your Fiverr
gig is live, you just need to apply the
secret sauce to keep up the gig ranking
and sales flowing in.
Below are few tips as how you can
apply the secret sauce to your Fiverr gig:
Step 1 – Create a Dummy Account
You need to buy your gig twice. Then
give your gig a good positive review
(There will only be a loss of $2.00 if
you do this).
Step 2 – Forged Visitors
Now, you just need to send no less than
two hundred and fifty fake hits/visitors
to your Fiverr gig. This will increase
your gigs impressions and make it more
noticeable to cash at hand buyers.
If you are not aware of how to get fake
visitors, you can just purchase them from
Fiverr, however do not go overboard
with them.
Step 3 – Precise Tags
Make sure you use correct and precise
tags for your gigs and also take account
of the keywords you want to rank for in
the heading title and description.
You can use tags like-
1. 3D animation
2. Whiteboard
3. Video animation
4. Whiteboard animation
Chapter 7: Secrets of
Highly Successful Top
Rated Fiverr Sellers

Here are the top five Secrets to Becoming a Fiverr Top Rated Seller

Secret #1. You should not be rude to
sellers who might have overlooked
your instructions.
This one can be a bit annoying, when
sellers ignored your instructions. Just
don’t get annoyed, depressed, angry or
rude. This is NOT acceptable under any
Be humble, kind and courteous and
remind the customer about their order
and if they have missed anything in their
Secret #2. Receiving GREAT
feedback and comments from buyers.
Give incentives and offers to your
buyers to give you good feedback when
you send your work. You may offer them
a 30-day round trip FREE to tweak their
graphics, website or give them good
marketing advice while you delivering
your work. This will generate GREAT
results and feedback.
Even if you don’t receive any nice
comment or feedback, you can still click
the positive feedback button and say
positive things like “Wow, thanks for the
work. I appreciate the gig. Happy to
work for you again.”
Remember that new Buyers will be
examining your work, and if they see
row after row of Orders Completed, you
will attract the buyer much more because
there is already a proven track record.


Do not get pessimistic and post a
negative remark on the job with a thumbs
down aimed at your Buyer. Converse
with the Buyer and politely suggest you
jointly cancel the job and refund with a
promise that the Buyer removes the
negative remark. Be practical and ask
them if you have misunderstood the task
and you’d be happy to do it over again.
Once again, settle down the removal of
the bad mark by swapping with the more
refined work you deliver them.
Secret #4. Keep in mind that Buyers
Judge a Book by its Cover
Attractive shiny things get clicks. The
dull and dreary looking Gigs will simply
get overlooked. If your gig looks plain,
then don’t expect a lot of Buyers
knocking on your door.
Understand that if your graphics skills
are not so hot, then you need to find a
Fiverr freelancer that has killer
Secret #5. Ask for the help of Fiverr
Ask for a boost in visibility, so when
people are searching for Writers, your
gig would show up a little higher on the
first page. That tiny boost in your gig
visibility is the difference between a
bestselling gig.

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