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Hujjat al-Islam Berteh: Theologians Must Have a Significant Presence in the Primitive – Mail Bonus

According to Hujjat al-Islam Berteh, missionaries in the meta-world need deliberate and streamlined participation because of international attraction.

“And what does that have to do with human life and the end of life?” said one participant last night at a scientific workshop on the promotion of religion worldwide in the field of media and online worlds in Mashhad, referring to the media’s capacity for international propaganda for religion.

“We need to develop a series of concepts, including history, to deal with online worlds,” he said. We touch everything in a tangible way in the external world and our images and dreams are placed in the mental world.

“In this place, dreams are produced and, in other words, we find, see and influence our thoughts and desires,” said the chairman of the University of Iceland’s Media and Space Center, noting that the online world is not the world of mind and physical world. We share many economic, cultural and creative qualities, so that the online world is not unlike other areas in terms of achieving unfulfilled ambitions.

“In the online world, dreams come true,” he said. The other attraction of the internet world is its limitlessness and the possibility of communicating in an unrealistic way; self-image and self-creation are also attractive.

Hujjat Islam According to Berteh, man is the only species in the universe that can create itself. He reminded us that since identity in the online world is constructive and earned, students must succeed in this area. Topics of Future Internet Research Take it seriously and prepare for the future world before it happens. For example, we could look for solutions to the following questions: What role will students play in the next 20 years of the Internet world? What is their role and purpose?

“Neuroscience is the study of brain networks or systems,” he said. “These are interdisciplinary sciences that use anatomy, cell and molecular biology, mathematical and psychological modeling, nanotechnology and electronics to understand. It discusses the cognitive properties of man, the importance of neurons and brain networks and their modeling.

He mentioned the efforts of the Finstein Institute, Samsung, Ecol Normal Surprise and universities involved in this subject while referring to technology and industrial companies around the world specializing in neurology. “One of the most important issues in society today is information storage,” he said, “but the brain easily stores a large amount of information and this has been the focus of research.

The chairman of the High School Media and Internet Center said, referring to the description of Metaverse’s identity and virtual existence: “In this environment, one does not play, but lives, and unlike computer and mobile games, a character is not preset and not pre-designed. You do not and everyone you meet in the Metaverse world has a human reality hidden under cyberspace.

“Even though everyone is a virtual metaphor in Metaverse, they have a true role model; there are no forgeries, misconceptions or misconceptions about it, “he continued,” and the more active we are in the Metaverse environment, the more access we will have to others and to what we want.

“In the world of Metaverse, an individual eats virtual food to the point that he even feels full, and using metaverse technology, artificial skin can be used to feel, so in general, in the environment of Metaverse, an individual fulfills his dreams and feels constant drunkenness, “explained Hujjat al-Islam Barteh. Metaverse, in other words, is a long and pleasurable nap.

He said that students and preachers of Metaverse were armed with many tools and understanding, adding: “In the world of Metaverse, preachers need to have a purposeful and streamlined content because it is prominent in the world. World leagues such as the Italian A-League and other prominent sports leagues, for example, have a meta-version.

The CEO of Hozeh News Agency went on to say: “In the field of cyberspace, students are on the starting line and we will achieve outstanding results if we start this sector vigorously.

He went on to mention the popularity of Internet sites and social networks in Iran, saying: “In 1996, out of 56 million Internet users, 17 million were members of social networks, reaching 59 over the next four years. Social media use has increased by 248 percent.

According to the chairman of the University’s Media and Internet Center, what the Iranian people are looking for and what is part of their interests in cyberspace and certain social networks is not produced by the elite and intellectuals of the community; rather, the main goal of virtual network is deliberate pleasure. It aims for cross-border companies that are treated with virtual goddess tools, goddesses that are respected and watched by spectators because they like and squeak in this area.

He believes that missions should be promoted through the internet and social media nowadays. “If students want to be missionaries in the future, they must be familiar and able to manage online,” he said.

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