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Invest in NFT Photography in 2022: The Best NFT Photographers in 2022 – Mail Bonus

Unchangeable tokens or NFT have created a lot of hype in the world of digital assets lately. The great advantages and advances of NFT have attracted many digital artists to this world which has led to the promotion of lots of various streams in NFT, such as NFT paintings, music, videos and games. Photography also stands out as a well-known area that has experienced great growth in 2022. Some photographs have been promoting their artwork in the form of NFT images recently and have attracted a lot of attention from NFT investors. Therefore, it seems necessary for both photographers and investors to learn more about how to invest in NFT photography. In this guide, we aim to provide guidance on how to invest in NFT photography as well as introduce some of the most successful photographers in 2022.

What is NFT Photography?

NFT photography is a verifiable asset that is easy to trade on a blockchain. Simply put, photographers upload their images to an NFT photography market, such as OpenSea or an organization, and sell them to interested investors and collectors. The process is almost similar to photography, but cryptocurrencies are involved in NFT photography and there is no middleman to connect creators and investors. Investors could store their NFT documents in a virtual gallery and resell them for profit in the future.

2022: the big year for NFT photographers

From the success of artists in the world of NFT and high income, NFT artists created as well as creating communities to support their art, photographers have also shown their interest in providing their art in NFT. However, they have been active in the scene before the other artists.
The high voltage in the NFT market and the high recognition of cryptocurrencies in 2021 paved the way for photographers to sell their talents as NFT images in 2022. Since most photographers offer their art in museums as the main character to attract investors in the NFT world, along with the rare issues, 2022 seems to get a big share in the NFT mainstream of the year. Investors are also showing more interest in new NFT lists that can lead to financial benefits in the short term. Furthermore, the NFT market seems to behave better in gathering followers of NFTs and artists compared to other media such as Instagram, as it offers social channels such as exclusive Discords and Twitter moves.
Overall, it can be concluded that 2022 is the year of NFT photography and many successful photographers have already started the march with their valuable, unique NFT photography collections.

The best NFT photography markets to invest in

Among all the different trends in the NFT world, photography seems to be very successful in 2022. Successful NFT photography collections such as Twin Flames, Where My Vans Go and Foodmasku have attracted more investors to NFT photography. However, many investors are not familiar with the best NFT photography market to invest. Here we aim to introduce 5 of the best photo-oriented NFT systems.

Dose list

Justin Aversano, author of the NFT photography collection Twin Flames, founded the NFT platform Quantum Art, which focuses on NFT photography. This is the first chain platform developed exclusively for NFT photography.
Quantum Art not only organizes NFTs by museums and artists, but also suggests museums or objects from NFT photography. Therefore, investors can easily choose from great works on the site and it is constantly attracting great photographers and collectors to the market. Quantum art has a profile on OpenSea that allows them to shop for unique images at high prices.


Ephimera NFT Photography Market

The NFT photography market largely focuses on both images and pictures; However, Ephimera is mainly interested in incredible shots and movies as it only sells works based on lenses in its marketplace. That’s why major photographers and video artists, such as Sarah Zucker and Peter Molick, are attracted to the scene.
Ephimera is known for the high quality NFT images it displays. As a result, authors are always faced with competition to enter the site. Ephimera only accepts ETH for payments. It charges 10% of the final price and counts% 5 for royalties in additional sales.


Obscura NFT Photography Market

Obscura is a small NFT photography platform that contains hundreds of NFT. Nevertheless, it has created a unique platform for NFT photography enthusiasts. The forum provides some rules for accepting photographers and their artwork that will be put up for sale on the platform. In fact, Obscura aims to support and fund visual artists and free up their creative potential by saving sales sales. While it may be difficult to join the scene, Obscura has created a great opportunity for photographers to pursue their projects by selling their NFT images on a privately run NFT photography platform.


Makersplace NFT Photography Market

Makersplace is the first Ethereum-based NFT marketplace for rare and authentic digital artwork, including photography. Photographers are interested in selling authentic and unique versions of photographs in this unique field. It needs to be invited to the creators of Makersplace, which indicates its sense of exclusivity. Some famous photographers like Rizacan Kumas
and Vier Bottzzini sell their NFT photographs through this platform. However, Makersplace is a bit expensive in terms of fees and charges 10% royalties for NFT artists on additional sales.

Unique single image

Unique One NFT Photography Market

Unique One Photo is the first distributed NFT photography market. It categorizes NFT images into various themes, including Astro, travel, drones, time errors, wildlife, landscapes, etc. Like any other distributed platform, Unique One Photo offers no central power to monitor commissions and licenses. As a Web 3 photography marketplace, photographers are allowed to set fees, trade options and certificates of ownership.
Unique One Photo is unique in that it promotes the photos with prizes awarded as the $ PHOTO on-site key. Symbol holders can vote on changes and participate in management decisions. Although it is still young, many photographers are participating in Unique One Photo day by day.
The platform charges a 2.5% fee from the sale price. The fees are charged by investors or buyers, not photographers. Unique One Photo platform supports both Bianance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Top NFT photographers to invest in 2022

The NFT market has seen many successful projects such as Bored Apes, Axie Infinity, CryptoPuncks, Decentraland and Solana. It is clear that something similar is happening with NFT photography and some of the best NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare and Foundation share space for NFT photos. At the same time, some photographers seem to be better known in the market with their gorgeous NFT photo collections. Many investors consider these big names the best way to invest in NFT photography. Let’s look at 6 successful NFT photographers in 2022.

Justin Aversane

Justin Aversane NFT photographer

Justin Aversane is one of the oldest pioneers in NFT photography and the owner of Quantum Art which is an NFT marketplace based on photography. His latest collection, Twin Flames, contained 100 images as a total work on Valentine’s Day 2021. The museum focuses on the existence of multiple births using the simple idea of ​​searching for intentional phenomenology.
Since its publication, the Twin Flames Museum has sold for over $ 17 million in total. At present the floor price reaches 150 ETH. The success extends beyond the secondary market and an NFT film from Twin Flames was sold at Christie’s auction. In addition, Gary Vaynerchuk and Snoop Dogg also have twin sets.

Issac Wright

Issac Wright NFT Photographer

Issac Wright, also known as Driftshoots, is a former soldier in special operations on retirees suffering from mental illness. To cope with his illness, he started taking photographs and publishing the Where My Vans Go NFT photo gallery. 119 icons were taken during the three years that Issac traveled throughout the United States.
Every portrait in the museum touches the heart and makes the audience face their potential fears. Photographs show different weather conditions such as snow, fog, sunshine and rain from the tops of skyscrapers and bridges. According to OpenSea, Where My Vans Go is the second most successful NFT photo gallery after the Twin Flames. One of the NFT movies called # 11 sold for 43 ETH recently.

Tery Ratcliff

Tery Ratcliff NFT Photographer

Tery Ratcliff is a Smithsonian artist who has sold many physical works of art to collectors such as sports heroes and celebrities such as DiCaprio. His collection Beautiful Cities of the World consists of 56 photographs (some of them animated) taken in some of the largest cities around the world, including Lisbon, Istanbul, Budapest, Delhi, Guilin and a few others.
Ratcliff is the best travel photographer in the world and has the best travel photography blog. There have been over 140 billion views of his photos on social media and he has over 5 million followers online. The floor price of the museum is 0.7 ETH and its total amount reaches 491 ETH.

Mario Testino

Mario Testino NFT photographer

Mario Testino is considered the most influential fashion and portrait photographer of the last decade. In addition to documenting stars, supermodels and artists, he has also taken photos of subjects he has encountered on his travels, including cities, landscapes and private festivals. Testino released its first NFT collection of Four Iconic Portraits in April 2021.
The museum seems to be imagining his forty-year career as the world’s most famous fashion and portrait photographer on display as NFT photography; a combination of life experience and modern technology. The collection sold for $ 36 million at Christie’s auction.

Dave Krugman

Dave Krugman NFT Photographer

Dave Krugman is one of the first photographers to dedicate himself to NFT. He strongly confirms his interest in NFT by introducing himself as a crypto artist in his Twitter biography. Since he is active as a photographer, he has published several NFT photo collections. The most successful seems to be DRIVE, which is one of the best NFT collections recognized by OpenSea. DRIVE has 111 1/1 vehicles that were taken during a 10-year street photography. The collection is divided into several categories such as titles, grail and tires 1, 2 and 3 which have certain characteristics. The museum comes with lots of visually rare items that have made it unique.
The floor price is around 5 ETH while the total amount reaches 171 ETH.

Antonio Wiriadjaja

Antonio Wiriadjaja NFT photographer

Antonio Wiriadjaja created a wonderful NFT photography collection called Foodmasku in 2020. The collection is unique and uses food to create food masks and eat them. The content of the food mask depends on what is available during the season. The New York Times named the NFT Museum one of the top 5 to watch. The artist wears the food masks, photographs himself and the East. There are 2,000 symbols in the Foodmasku museum and the floor price is 0.03 ETH and the total amount reaches 29.9 ETH. Because the idea behind this NFT photo gallery is unique, many investors try to add one to their collection.

final words

Recently, NFT photography has provided a great opportunity to combine photography and modern technology. It gives investors a good opportunity to buy shares that can end up with future profits. Since 2022 offers a wider area for NFT, NFT photo galleries are set to expand this year. So if you are interested, go to the market and invest in NFT photography as it is becoming a huge development.

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