Is Solana a "buy" with a SOL price of a 10-month minimum and down by 85% from the maximum?

Is Solana a “buy” with a SOL price of a 10-month minimum and down by 85% from the maximum? – Mail Bonus

Solana’s (SOL) price fell on June 3, bringing its net paper loss to 85% seven months after exceeding $ 260.

SOL prices fell more than 6.5% daily to $ 35.68, after failing to reach the 10-month low.

Now sitting at a historically important support level, the SOL / USD pair could see a return in June, with an eye on the $ 40- $ 45 range next, up about 25% from today’s prices.

SOL / USD daily price. Source: TradingView

60% SOL price reduction ahead?

However, the benchmark is far from guaranteed and Solana faces headwinds from trading Bitcoin (BTC), the top cryptocurrency (by market value) that usually affects the development of top altcoins.

In particular, the weekly correlation coefficient between BTC and SOL was 0.92 as of 4 June.

SOL / USD versus BTC / USD correlation coefficient. Source: TradingView

What’s more, Solana is likely to see even more losses than BTC if Bitcoin falls deeper below the current psychological support level of $ 30,000.

At the same time, the Central Bank is determined to raise the reference rate and lower its balance sheet. As a result of this hawkish policy, riskier assets such as Bitcoin have room to decline, which harms Solana’s bullish outlook.

Breaking down SOL’s current support level – around $ 35 – increases the likelihood of a decline towards the $ 18-25 range, which served as a strong support area in March-July 2021, and was ahead of a 1,200% price increase, as shown below.

SOL / USD weekly price. Source: TradingView

This bearish scenario would put SOL almost 60% below today’s price.

Solana netleysi

Bearish’s prospects for SOL also come as Solana’s blockchain faces repeated disruptions, making its network virtually unusable for its key ‘daps’, including Solend’s lending protocol and distributed swap, for hours on end.

Solana’s latest software bug occurred on June 1, shutting down the network for 4.5 hours. The biggest blockchain failure occurred in January and was down for almost 18 hours.

The risk risks intimidating investors for the benefit of Solana’s competition and has already coincided with some traders splitting their capital elsewhere.

Miles Deutscher, independent marketer, believes Cryptocurrency investors have become wary of witnessing a recent Terra fiasco. Nevertheless, an expert claims that Solana’s suspension would diminish over time as the network matured.

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“But if they do not succeed in stifling such events, then there are other L1s [layer-1 blockchains] will continue to eat up its market share, “he said.

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