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Leading game studio “The Game Storm” to enter the Web3 world with ready-made game collaboration – Mail Bonus


Ready Games, an established player in the gaming industry, and The Game Storm Studio, one of the leading game development companies in the world, plan to explore Web3’s opportunities by launching two new games. Both the US Police Dog Mall Chase and the Pet Cat Sims will bring furry companions into the virtual world and showcase the possibilities of blockchain games.

With over 1,000 games released and a cumulative 1 billion download, Game Storm is the largest studio in Pakistan, with over 300 employees and offices in the United States, India and Dubai, it’s time for the company to expand its reach to include Web3 opportunities.

Ready Games takes the next step on its way to becoming a world-renowned game title. Since starting its division dedicated to bringing mobile blockchain gaming to Apple and Google app stores, the team has worked hard to push the boundaries. The introduction of two new upcoming games will further demonstrate the potential of Web3 technology.

Having support from The Game Storm Studio will prove crucial in this process. Game Storm Studio has made a name for itself over the last 10 years by focusing on Android and iPhone development and publishing, and helping game developers access the resources needed to deliver quality mobile applications.

The Game Storm Studio COO Jawad Amjad says: “We partner with Ready Games because they have a perfect and efficient technology table and a fast-paced implementation strategy to enable us to step into game3.0 game development, to enable us to innovate new game theory and player experience, all within a month, which allows us to take advantage of the first movers. “

Two new game titles have been announced to complete this joint venture into Web3 and blockchain gaming:

  • US Police Dog Shop: An action game where players become police dogs to track down criminals on various stages and stages. The game now has 150,000 daily active players and 10 million downloads.
  • Pet Cat Sims: Manage a human image to explore the 3D environment and take care of your virtual cat companions, either by feeding, playing or otherwise. Players unlock more NFT cats as they evolve. The game currently has 100,000 daily active players and 5 million downloads.

Martin Cormier, Ready Games Technical Director, adds: “We offer a highly efficient and easily adaptable set of game infrastructure tools that help game developers build or replace their games on a blockchain with minimal friction, under 30 days of integration, no need to hire in addition to web3 resources, Apple and Google compatible and access to over 40K Betatesters. Designers finally feel they have the tools to get into web3.


Ready Games saw over 40,000 testers sign up for their Beta Tester campaign in June in conjunction with the Web3 push. This is great news for developers, as they can take advantage of this growing community to gather feedback on prototypes, ideas and games. Registered beta testers will receive additional benefits at the first NFT Fall Ready Games in the summer of 2022.

About Ready Games

Founded in 2016, Ready Games has focused on building author communities and democratic access to game creation for amateurs and professionals. Now its author’s ideology takes over web3 by solving difficult problems in the transition from web2 gaming to web3: live game operations that synchronize on a chain, accessible via the turnkey API and SDK; modular smart negotiation system; player profiles in the chain, with game achievements that serve as storage of “reputation money” for the players; along with distributed symbol economics to align the interests of game producers, authors and players. To learn more about The Ready Games, visit .

About The Game Storm Studio

Game Storm Studios specializes in the development of mobile multiplayer games using several technologies. With over 10 years of experience in developing and releasing games and apps, Game Storm Studios has acquired the ability to successfully release games and reach the top spot. Our design team focuses on optimization and revenue generation, deep funnel methods and profitability. With over 1000 games released and over 1B downloads, we are the top game development agency in Pakistan. To learn more about The Game Storm Studio, please visit

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