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The League of Kingdoms NFT game is the first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) technology game to use Ethereum blockchain technology. The game offers NFT ecosystems with a wide range of in-game features and capabilities, including NFT Lands. The NFT countries reflect the League of Kingdom game base, where players can purchase lands, cultivate resources, collect NFT documents, and more. They can even further fight with each other over areas. Here we give more information about the game.

What is League of Kingdom (CLOSE)?

League of Kingdoms was first launched in early 2020 and developed by NPLUS Entertainment, a Singapore-based company. As we mentioned before, it is a blockchain-based MMO strategic game that uses mechanics to earn. It can be played on a computer or smartphone. Although League of Kingdoms is the world’s first DeFi MMO game, many people see it as very similar to Clash of Clans and similar games.

The game requires players to build kingdoms, livestock resources, fight monsters (PvE), fight enemy nations (PvP) and compete with their alliances (MMO). All countries are NFT and there are symbolic resources and many game assets.

The task force aims to build a Metaverse game that includes both fun and benefits with digital assets. Therefore, not only landowners but also landless players can accumulate resources and mine NFT. Virtual land, on the other hand, is the most valuable asset that players can trade.

How does League of Kingdoms work?

Players have the opportunity to build their kingdom, find and join alliances and fight against other kingdoms. They can also take part in championships to arm their troops and protect their citizens from their enemies. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay.


The first task of the players is to protect their countries and citizens from all possible enemies. To do so, players need to increase their troops, train high-quality lords, and find other kingdoms to join and form alliances with. The unification of kingdoms gives players the opportunity to compete for the domination of the continent and fight against enemies.


The players who run their country are responsible for protecting it. At higher levels, players rule the world in cooperation with their alliances from other kingdoms by forming parliaments.


The game offers a large number of events, competitions and competitions to allow players to compete against other kingdoms. Winners receive valuable prizes.

Shop: Using blockchain technology, players can coin and own Land and other NFTs or simply buy them from a public gaming store, such as OpenSea. In addition, as mentioned before, players can compete in competitions and competitions to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs or receive daily DAI prizes from their assets. All rewards and digital assets can be traded in the markets, based on the gas fee.

As a distributed game, players can also choose new game content and important items that need to be implemented in the game.

Game League of Kingdoms NFT game

Build a state

The first step to take in the game is to build buildings, such as towns, castles, mines, etc., in their country or state. As the buildings are upgraded, players gain more power. Then they have to spend their game resources developing new technologies and finding alliances to work with. Players also spend time gaining mastery points to improve their masters and become more powerful. In the last step, players need to train their troops and strengthen them with various fighting skills to defend their country.

Farming and fishing

Players can accumulate resources through farming and fishing to build their kingdom. Farming includes 5 main resources: food, wood, gold, crystals and stone. The first three can be grown in the castle and harvested accordingly, but the last ones can mostly be earned through events, projects and trade purchases. Players can also earn EXP by hunting monsters. You can use these EXPs to gain more mastery.


The League of Kingdoms is based on alliances as its core attributes. The larger the alliance team, the more likely you are to win the game. Players are also supported by their alliances in the event of an attack on their state.


When the state is fully set, it’s time to conquer other countries. There are various battle modes in the game and alliance seems to be useful to win new territory.

League of Kingdom symbols

League-of-Kingdom symbols

The game uses an Ethereum based ERC-20 control symbol, called CLOSE. The total supply of tokens is determined as 500 million CLOSES. When players go through various community-driven activities in the game, they earn CLOSE. The entire League of Kingdoms ecosystem is based on the CLOSE, which is used to buy in-game and upgrade digital assets.

By owning the symbol, players also get to take part in all the decisions that are made on the continent. They can restrict activities or set taxes and fees in the territory. LOKA also gives owners the right to vote, make proposals and have the freedom to express their views on the entire game and its governance.

Who are the NFT in League of Kingdoms NFT game?


League of Kingdoms offers two types of NFT:


Like all other Metaverse games, countries and assets are listed as NFTs on a blockchain in the League of Kingdom. Its developers suggest that the game will be traded directly on the official League of Kingdoms website or aftermarket such as Opensea and PlayDapp systems. There are 65,536 tokens available for players and all kingdoms are based on NFT countries. Each country can contain a maximum of 16 kingdoms.


Totems represent ancient treasures and stand for the land under each treasure. You can type totem and shop as NFT. When the Totems are defeated and put on the land, they give the players magical powers to have better control of the land.

Play to earn a mechanic in the League of Kingdoms

Since League of Kingdoms is a free game, players do not have to own land to participate in the game. However, owning land allows owners more participants in the game as they earn more NFT tokens along with their NFT land. In fact, land ownership provides indirect income; Landowners receive about 5% of each resource harvest in the game and 10% of the net revenue from player purchases in the app is shared with landowners. As a result, it will be easier and safer to establish ownership, earn CLOSE and, as a result, enter into a system of government that gives players the opportunity to choose leaders and stronger alliances.

How to make money in League of Kingdoms NFT game?

there are two main ways to make money in this game. First, trade in the resources gained while playing the market. Second, you can mark the resources that are typed and collected in the game and then convert them to NFT for sale in the market. Players should notice the limit with the number of times they can represent their resources as the game sets limits on one million coins of resources.

Is League of Kingdom worth the time to play?

The most important feature of playing to earn games is that players can start playing the game, get some prizes and then decide to enjoy all aspects of the game by buying land, for example. Some of the old players and leaders of the League of Kingdoms achieved a high level of management and certainly NFT assets without investing money in the game. Therefore, all players can use the opportunity to spend their time and effort in making the most of the game.

final words

As the Metaverse world evolves day by day, it seems necessary to keep up with Metaverse games. As we have mentioned before, League of Kingdoms has revolutionary features compared to other similar games.

With its incredible gameplay, League of Kingdoms gives players a lot of fun as they have to rule their country and fight their rivals while making friends to gain more support from their kingdom. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect choice of game to earn a game, League of Kingdoms is best.

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